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Midheaven Signs - The Medium Coeli in Astrology

Chinese Astrology Signs and Compatibility

five elements associated with Chinese Astrology Signs

Chinese Rat Sign Chinese Ox Sign
Chinese Tiger Sign Chinese Rabbit Sign
Chinese Dragon Sign Chinese Snake Sign
Chinese Horse Sign Chinese Sheep/Goat Sign
Chinese Monkey Sign Chinese Rooster Sign
Chinese Dog Sign Chinese Pig Sign

Chinese Rat Compatibility
Rat and Rat Rat and Ox
Rat and Tiger Rat and Rabbit
Rat and Dragon Rat and Snake
Rat and Horse Rat and Sheep
Rat and Monkey Rat and Rooster
Rat and Dog Rat and Pig
Chinese Ox Compatibility
Ox and Rat Ox and Ox
Ox and Tiger Ox and Rabbit
Ox and Dragon Ox and Snake
Ox and Horse Ox and Sheep
Ox and Monkey Ox and Rooster
Ox and Dog Ox and Pig

Chinese Tiger Compatibility
Tiger and Rat Tiger and Ox
Tiger and Tiger Tiger and Rabbit
Tiger and Dragon Tiger and Snake
Tiger and Horse Tiger and Sheep
Tiger and Monkey Tiger and Rooster
Tiger and Dog Tiger and Pig
Chinese Rabbit Compatibility
Rabbit and Rat Rabbit and Ox
Rabbit and Tiger Rabbit and Rabbit
Rabbit and Dragon Rabbit and Snake
Rabbit and Horse Rabbit and Sheep
Rabbit and Monkey Rabbit and Rooster
Rabbit and Dog Rabbit and Pig

Chinese Dragon Compatibility
Dragon and Rat Dragon and Ox
Dragon and Tiger Dragon and Rabbit
Dragon and Dragon Dragon and Snake
Dragon and Horse Dragon and Sheep
Dragon and Monkey Dragon and Rooster
Dragon and Dog Dragon and Pig
Chinese Snake Compatibility
Snake and Rat Snake and Ox
Snake and Tiger Snake and Rabbit
Snake and Dragon Snake and Snake
Snake and Horse Snake and Sheep
Snake and Monkey Snake and Rooster
Snake and Dog Snake and Pig

Chinese Horse Compatibility
Horse and Rat Horse and Ox
Horse and Tiger Horse and Rabbit
Horse and Dragon Horse and Snake
Horse and Horse Horse and Sheep
Horse and Monkey Horse and Rooster
Horse and Dog Horse and Pig
Chinese Sheep Compatibility
Sheep and Rat Sheep and Ox
Sheep and Tiger Sheep and Rabbit
Sheep and Dragon Sheep and Snake
Sheep and Horse Sheep and Sheep
Sheep and Monkey Sheep and Rooster
Sheep and Dog Sheep and Pig

Chinese Monkey Compatibility
Monkey and Rat Monkey and Ox
Monkey and Tiger Monkey and Rabbit
Monkey and Dragon Monkey and Snake
Monkey and Horse Monkey and Sheep
Monkey and Monkey Monkey and Rooster
Monkey and Dog Monkey and Pig
Chinese Rooster Compatibility
Rooster and Rat Rooster and Ox
Rooster and Tiger Rooster and Rabbit
Rooster and Dragon Rooster and Snake
Rooster and Horse Rooster and Sheep
Rooster and Monkey Rooster and Rooster
Rooster and Dog Rooster and Pig

Chinese Dog Compatibility
Dog and Rat Dog and Ox
Dog and Tiger Dog and Rabbit
Dog and Dragon Dog and Snake
Dog and Horse Dog and Sheep
Dog and Monkey Dog and Rooster
Dog and Dog Dog and Pig
Chinese Pig Compatibility
Pig and Rat Pig and Ox
Pig and Tiger Pig and Rabbit
Pig and Dragon Pig and Snake
Pig and Horse Pig and Sheep
Pig and Monkey Pig and Rooster
Pig and Dog Pig and Pig

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Psychic Sabian Symbols

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