Chinese Rat and Dog Compatibility

Rat with Dog Compatibility

Chinese Rat and Dog make a pretty good pair in many cases. While Dog may seem boring to some Rats, Dog has mood swings that many Rats find intriguing. These changes in temperament keep Rats on their toes and makes Dog more interesting. Rat can help Dog cheer up with their affection and love of the night life.

Aside from this, the only other issues that come up are trust issues. Dog is so loyal that they have problems trusting anyone else to show the same amount of loyalty. If they are both open and share their fears, dreams and successes, this relationship can really work.

Finances will give this couple some stress. While Rat likes to hoard items and money, Dog will give it away to those in need. They will need to find a compromise. This pair makes excellent friends.

In the bedroom, these two fit nicely together. They boost each other up when they feel out of sorts. In business, these two are very intelligent. Dog is trustworthy and can see what is in the heart of those they do business with.

When this pairing consists of a Dog man and a Rat woman, she will cheer him up and buoys him with her respect. He will give to others without a thought and forgives her when she has issues with this. If she begins to take an interest in his charities, he may be swayed to begin his charity at home first.

When this pairing consists of a Rat man and a Dog woman, they are more friends than lovers, even if they are married. She will help him mature and he will teach her finesse. They are devoted to their children.

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