Chinese Dragon and Rooster Compatibility

Dragon with Rooster Compatibility

Chinese Dragon and Rooster are an unlikely pair, but they may be better suited than most people think. They share a great intelligence and are very loving. They like a deep relationship with several layers. Rooster is a calming presence. They will provide a peaceful home for Dragon. Rooster is a perfectionist, however. This can start some fiery arguments. If Rooster can keep from nagging, Dragon will be a partner that will do most anything to keep them happy. Money should not be a problem with this couple.

These two are great as friends, lovers or in business together. They will make an excellent team comprised of Dragon's initiative and luck and Rooster's eye for detail and conservatism. Dragon will do the marketing and dealing with the public while Rooster works behind the scenes, writing business plans and taking care of the accounts.

When this pairing consists of a Rooster man and a Dragon woman, the initial attraction is powerful. As their differences begin to show, he may be humiliated by her independence and dominating personality. She will feel starved for appreciation and attention. They will probably fight more often than not.

When this pairing consists of a Dragon man and a Rooster woman, he will protect her and she will serve him. They are satisfied with this arrangement, while those around them may be scratching their heads. He will be generous and spare nothing to keep her happy. In return, she fawns on him and admires him openly.

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