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Neptune in Libra

Neptune in Libra may bring lessons regarding partnerships. While they crave relationships, they may need to learn to sacrifice or compromise in order to make them work. For some, they will need to make a deep inner change in their consciousness. By changing their inner attitudes, they can

effect change in the larger world around them.

Libra Neptune likes to find harmony in relationships with others. They may be inclined towards the arts in one form or another. They may have a wonderful relationship of a very high spiritual nature, or it can be unconventional, clandestine or illegitimate. They may tend to be over-emotional or weak minded.

Libra Neptune would like nothing better than to end war on Earth in their lifetime. They are idealistic to an extreme. Reconciling their idealism with reality may be difficult for them. They have an eclectic attitude towards religion, and may pull aspects from many that appeal to them while leaving the unappealing aspects alone. They may not be very decisive and may be deceived easily. They may lack a clear purpose, which can hinder their goals.

Neptune in Libra wants perfection… but they must learn that perfection takes sacrifice. This is a hard lesson for them to learn. It is hard for them to relax and have faith that everything will turn out okay in the end after making their sacrifice. They may be too caught up in their immediate loss to see what they have gained. Their indecisiveness really becomes an obstacle leading up to making the ultimate sacrifice. It is hard for them to come to terms with the price required for their idealism.

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