Chinese Pig and Tiger Compatibility

Pig with Tiger Compatibility

Chinese Pig and Tiger will have a life full of laughter and passion. They love spending time together and they have the ability to overlook their problems and enjoy life in spite of them. In order to be happy, Tiger must be able to curb their inclination to roam while Pig must learn to stand on their own two feet instead of needed constant support. If these issues can be overcome, they will be deliriously happy.

Pig needs to understand Tiger's need to have some alone time while Tiger needs to learn how to give affection and support to Pig. This will keep Pig from becoming too possessive. In business, they can create a prosperous company as long as they have the same goals.

When this pairing consists of a Pig man and a Tiger woman, they admire each other very much. This can smooth the way through many problems. He has definite ideas of how a woman should be, and she will be nothing like it. Her direct manner may be challenging for him. He can be sulky for days, hoping she will step up and make it all better. He loves children; she may not desire any. This can be an issue for them.

When this pairing consists of a Tiger man and a Pig woman, they appreciate each others' charms greatly. She may find it difficult to deal with his restlessness, and this may ultimately be too much for her. He may decide that she is too moody. If they can overcome this, they will be happy.

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