Capricorn Sun Sign Personality

Capricorn sun sign symbol

Self-confident, calm and hardworking, the Capricorn Sun Sign personality is practical, responsible and persistent. If someone starts a project and drops the ball, Capricorn Sun Sign sees it through to the end. Those born under this Sign will be experts at finding the right resources that are needed and make the best out of it. They may be perceived as stuffy or rigid and so they need to learn to bend when life doesn't go the way they want. Sometimes their seriousness can make them appear unhappy and they can be difficult to approach because they look so formal and aloof. In reality, they are just cautious.

In love, they feel happy and high on emotion. They tend to be jealous, but they remain faithful. Capricorn Sun Signs like to be married. Once they find that special someone, they tend not to let go and so, many will only marry once. They feel that they won't get too many chances at love. They adore taking care of their partner and family, although they must feel needed and appreciated. This Sign understands the ups and downs in a relationship better than most, and they are not easily disheartened when things are not going smoothly.

Profound thinkers, they explore all their options before taking action. They have excellent memories and love to learn. Rational, clearheaded and logical, they can concentrate very well. Despite a natural skepticism, they are often intrigued with the occult.

Capricorn Goat

Capricorn Sun Sign will carefully scope out the land at a social event before deciding how to interact with the group. They feel everyone is always making judgments about them (like they do about others), so they feel the need to check everything out before they relax. Making friends isn't easy for them, but those they do get their intense loyalty.

Capricorn Sun Signs are creative, but they prefer practical applications like architecture, decorating, commercial art and fine art.

Material success is important to them. They do well in professions that work with money or mathematics. Speculators, bankers, economists, managers, contractors, real estate agents, scientists, farmers, engineers… these are all professions that they excel at. They also make good teachers and administrators. This Sign enjoys working, and when stressed, they just work harder and become more focused. This kind of stress can wear them down, however, so they need to be reminded to relax and spend some time playing.

On the negative side, Capricorn Sun Sign may be too reserved and conservative. They may lack a sense of humor and be excessively pessimistic. If they fail, they may become unhappy or melancholy. This can lead to depression. Self-centeredness may be a problem, and they may not interact well with others, even in close relationships. They may feel left out… that people don't like them, or they may feel taken advantage of. They can also make a bitter enemy. On the positive side, they’re shrewd, responsible, and put others before themselves. They can be witty and capricious at times and are tactful and very loyal.

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