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The Cancer Neptune Sign

Neptune in Cancer

Neptune in Cancer is patriotic and tends to idealize their country. This may make it difficult for them to see the flaws in their nation's policies. They glorify their homes, taking great pride in a beautiful, well-kept home. Along with their homes comes the enjoyment of domestic tasks like cooking. Food is important to Cancer Neptune, and they enjoy preparing delicious meals with their family. They may have a weakness for sweets, which can create health problems if they are not careful.

Neptune in Cancer loves children, family and motherhood. They may have unrealistic ideas about what family is really like, however. It can be difficult for them to acknowledge troubles in their relationships. They would rather ignore a problem and hope it goes away than work on it. Emotionally sensitive, Cancer Neptune is empathic. They may have psychic abilities. They can be overly sentimental.

Cancer Neptune dreams of the ideal home and family. They can be very protective and emotional about them. Family traditions are very important to them. Their family history may spark an interest in genealogy or other research.

Neptune in Cancer is intuitive and lovable. They are able to understand the joys and sorrows of those around them. They may be good at counselling because of their empathy. They have a lot of friends because they are so likeable. They are no stranger to self-sacrifice. They may be a bit self-indulgent, that may lead some to alcohol or drugs. They may be possessive, but it is in response to the emotional security they feel they need. Love, money and land represent protection against all ills to the Cancer Neptune. They have a close tie to birth and infancy. If they work at improving themselves, they can hold their ideal family as something to strive for rather than using the imperfect reality as an excuse.

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