The Planets and their meaning
in Astrology

In Astrology each of the 10 planets rules a Zodiac Sign and a Zodiac House.

The following is a brief interpretation for each planet.

Sun Glyph

The Sun rules Leo and the 5th house.

The Sun defines your personal identity, your ego and your unique self expression. It represents what you are trying to become. It's the core of who you are...your spirit...your soul...your consciousness...your basic drive, are all represented by the Sun.

It takes the Sun one year to complete its cycle through the Zodiac Signs.

Moon Glyph

The Moon rules Cancer and the 4th House.

The Moon helps define our emotional development, or express the unconscious side of our personality. It explains why you do what you do. The Moon also influences our senses depending on its placement in the birth chart and is said to represent your instinctual self, which many people keep hidden.

The Moon spends 2-1/2 days in each sign and takes approximately 30 days to complete its cycle.

Mercury Glyph

Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo. It also rules the 3rd and 6th House.

Mercury defines our mind and the way we use it. Intelligence, language, speech, writing and all forms of communication are under the influence of Mercury.

Mercury completes its rotation in a mere 88 days.

Venus Glyph

Venus rules both Taurus and Libra. It also rules the 2nd and 7 House.

In Astrology, Venus represents the qualities of love, romance, sensuality, culture, beauty, affection and social appeal. The planet is therefore very prominent in aspects of love; influencing how you attract love as well as how you act in a relationship.

The Venus cycle takes 227.4 days.

Mars Glyph

Mars rules Aries and is sub-ruler of Scorpio. Mars also rules the 1st house and sub-rules the 8th.

Mars indicates a sense of impulsiveness, aggressiveness, courage, action, will-power, enthusiasm, and even negative traits such as impatience, temperament, violence and conflict. Mars’ energy also motivates and drives a person to accomplish their dreams and goals in life.

Mars’ journey through all the Zodiac Signs takes approximately two years.

Jupiter Glyph

Jupiter rules over Sagittarius and the 9th House. It also sub-rules Pisces and the 12th House.

Jupiter is considered the planet of luck. It symbolizes expansion, development and good fortune. Jupiter can also show areas where you go to excess.

A Jupiter cycle takes twelve years to complete.

Saturn Glyph

Saturn rules over Capricorn and the 10th House. It also sub-rules Aquarius and the 11th house.

In Astrology Saturn is the learned Sage; the planet that teaches through experience, challenges, problems and situations. Saturn’s influence provides the endurance, patience and determination to overcome all odds.

Saturn moves slowly through the Zodiac Signs taking 29 years to complete one cycle.

Uranus Glyph

Uranus rules Aquarius and the 11th House.

Its expression is in the form of revolution, change, unpredictability and disruption. Uranus is associated with electricity, computers, astrology, inventions and Society as a whole.

Slow moving Uranus takes 84 years to complete its cycle; spending about 7 years in each sign.

Neptune Glyph

Neptune rules over Pisces and the 12th House.

Neptune expresses itself through mystical, spiritual and psychic forces. It also rules over drugs, alcohol, medication, the sea, photography, dreams and the subconscious.

Neptune spends about 14 years in each Sign and 168 years to complete one cycle.

Pluto Glyph

Pluto rules over Scorpio and the 8th House.

The energies associated with Pluto are power, death, rebirth, transformation, crime, secrets and that which is hidden.

Pluto is the slowest of all the planets. It takes approximately 246 years to make its way through all the Signs of the Zodiac.

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