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Scorpio Sun Sign is the sign of transformation. Intense and profound, they are intelligent, affable and courteous. They are self-reliant and in control, but underneath they are full of emotional energy. The Scorpio Sun Sign personality may be magnetic and even somewhat hypnotic. They can emulate the phoenix and seem to perish, only to be reborn and attain new heights.

Sun Sign Scorpio are imaginative and have strong powers of reason. They are adept at using their intuition, and have a good handle on critical and analytical skills. They can be obsessive, which can give them the potential for genius. They may give the impression of being aloof or withdrawn when in truth they don't miss a single detail of what is happening around them. Nothing is forgotten; it is merely filed away to be used when it is most advantageous.

This talent can be very helpful in business. Being able to keep their assets hidden until they are needed is a Scorpio trait. They do well in jobs that require analyzing, such as investigation, research, espionage, the military, science, mysteries, medicine, law or psychology, and if a job offers prestige and money, so much the better. They can also be cold and calculating, and may be ruthless in the pursuit of power. They may be overly demanding, unforgiving and unreasonable. As employees they tend to keep to themselves and do their work. They are low-maintenance and industrious. If they do something kind for a co-worker or someone in need, chances are they will do so anonymously.

The Scorpio Scorpion

The negative side of their personality can be intimidating, revengeful and manipulative. They model the extremes of behavior, and can be very jealous. They can be rebellious, and those who get into political extremism can make the most ruthless terrorists. They can be brooding, aggressive and arrogant, and some indulge in sadistic brutality. On the other hand, those born under this Sign may be a fan of procrastination and be a bit self-indulgent. This can happen in part because they can get so overwhelmed that they just shut down. Their directness can be overly critical or hurtful. They can be lonersÂ… they don't need a lot of social interaction to make them happy. On the positive side they are disciplined, have great willpower, and are very sensitive. They have a depth of character that can be inspiring. When they give you a compliment, it is an honest assessment. They make a loyal friend, but don't ever betray them, for they find it difficult to forgive.

Scorpio Sun Signs are loving and loyal to their partners. They're passionate and revel in a relationship that returns that passion. They can also lose themselves to pleasure and forget about the rest. If they get too deeply hurt, they may just turn themselves off emotionally and become celibate. Many Scorpio Sun Sign relationships are stormy, but extremely exciting. Interestingly, numerous "star-crossed" lovers have a Scorpio component, especially if there is a tragic aspect.

Moderation is also difficult for the Scorpio Sun Sign but very necessary. They need to maintain a healthy diet with a little exercise; if they overdo their exercise or sports, they may end up hurting themselves.

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