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Pisces Jupiter Sign

Jupiter in Pisces attracts good luck when they are tender, devoted, giving and compassionate. They love to care for those less fortunate than themselves. Helping others fills a need deep within them.

Pisces Jupiter is empathic; they can feel the world's pain. They desire to do all they can to relieve this pain and make it better. They are imaginative and creative; they may express themselves using the arts. They can be very talented with healing arts of all kinds. They are drawn to fantasy and the occult.

Jupiter in Pisces is content to remain behind the scenes to help. They don't seek the spotlight. They are very sensitive, but easy going. They may not be very ambitious. They don't need a lot of material things to be content in life. They may closely follow a religion or mystical practices. They may be prone to being taken advantage of due to their compassionate nature. They like seclusion.

Others like Pisces Jupiter. There is just something about them that strikes a chord with people. They are very kind, caring and idealistic. They make good listeners. They have a talent for connecting with others. They may have psychic abilities as well.

Jupiter in Pisces is good at social work, counseling and ministry work. They may volunteer for organizations that help the homeless or poor. On the negative side, they may drift so far into fantasy that they rely on drugs or other methods to take them away from reality. They may not be able to discriminate well between what is good or bad for themselves. They have trouble with consistency. Meditation may help them deal with stressful issues.

In order to attract the most good fortune, Jupiter in Pisces needs to focus their sensitivity in healthy directions. They need to stop listening to the little voice inside that tells them they need to escape.

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