Chinese Sheep and Sheep Compatibility

Sheep with Sheep Compatibility

Chinese Sheep and Sheep are a wonderful match. They have no problems connecting on every level. With their artistic abilities and creativity, they have a lot to share. They love to work together and will build a lovely home to enjoy. They love staying home and enjoying the peace and quiet. They are both very sensitive. If they fight they are quick to forgive. They know how to make each other feel appreciated and admired. Together they can provide each other with a strong sense of security.

In business, they do best if a third partner is involved to handle the finances and practical matters. These two are great at coming up with new ideas and imaginative campaigns, but they are not up to the day to day running of the business.

Sheep and Sheep have a natural empathy between them. They understand each other because they are as alike as two peas in a pod. Life will be wonderful until their childish nature comes into play. They can't help it. They are oversensitive and they tend towards moodiness. Finances will be a problem for them since neither one has a way with money.

If the opportunity presents itself, either partner may play around. This will cause the other to exhibit intense feelings of jealousy. They may hurt each other terribly. If they can overcome these obstacles, they may make a go of it. They will need to walk on eggshells to avoid hurting each other further. They are meant for each other in one aspect of their lives... the bedroom. They have an incredible chemistry between them.

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