Pluto in Aries -
The Aries Pluto Sign

Pluto in Aries

1822-1853 and returns in 2068

Those born with Pluto in Aries want to do whatever it takes to get what they desire. They can assess a situation immediately and see what they can get out of it for themselves. If they can't turn something to their advantage, they are quick to look for another opportunity elsewhere.

They are not known for patience. They need to learn not to act rashly and keep some of their energy in reserve.

Aries Pluto tends to take extreme action. They can be very optimistic and accomplish quite a lot through their own power. They may attempt to remake themselves and create a new beginning.

Individuals born with Pluto in Aries do not hesitate to take things in new directions. These attempts may or may not leave lasting impressions. They may be impulsive, willful, and rebellious. They can become obsessed with freedom and power unless they are careful.

Jules Vern, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Jessie James and John D. Rockefeller all had the Aries Pluto Sign.

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