Love Sign: Gemini Venus

Venus Gemini

Gemini Venus is adept in witty conversation, and will use this ability as a tool to attract others. They are able to converse knowledgeably on a wide variety of subjects. They are playful and may be a little bit of a tease. They prefer a more stimulating relationship to a comfortable one. They don't like to be tied down, and want their relationships to be light-hearted. While they can talk endlessly about their relationship, they may still be skipping over the deeper issues.

Gemini Venus likes variety, and their tastes frequently change. It may be difficult to keep up with what they want. If you are courting a person with Venus in Gemini, you need to support their need for variety and fun, as well as be interested in their mind. They also appreciate space to hang out with their friends without you.

Gemini Venus is a natural flirt and they have a way of making people think of how much fun they'll have with this sign. They may not always divulge the entire truth, but they are not really dishonest. They are more likely to commit a crime of omission rather than lie. Alternatively, they have the ability to see all the possible answers to a question, and may just take the one that seems suitable at the time. They may be seen as insincere, but this is seldom true.

Gemini Venus is not very sentimental, but they can turn a good phrase. They want someone they can share ideas with and that they can create a true partnership with. For a person with Venus in Gemini, a good conversation is the best form of foreplay. Some may consider them rather insubstantial, but they really just want to have an interesting relationship. Due to their social nature, anyone wanting a relationship with them will have to share the interest in social gatherings. They are curious about everything and everyone. They dislike coarse behavior, and expect those they spend time with to have manners and know how to uphold their end of a conversation.

Gemini Venus may end up traveling a lot. They are rather child-like in their approach to love, and have a lot of charm. Be prepared, because they will analyze every little thing in a relationship.

As a friend, Gemini Venus is fun and full of life. They always know the latest gossip and what event is next on the calendar. They are spontaneous and have a large network of friends. If you want a best buddy who will only hang out with you, Gemini Venus is not the right choice.

They are attractive because they are bright and good-natured. They are easy to spend time with, and know how to add wit to the conversation. They use humor naturally. If you fall in love with a person who has Venus in Gemini, you will need to have a lot of knowledge about many topics to keep the conversation sparkling. You'll need to be flexible and spontaneous, and you must subscribe to the notion that variety is the spice of life.

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