Chinese Pig and Rat Compatibility

Pig with Rat Compatibility

Chinese Pig and Rat do well together as long as they lay the groundwork to support them. They need something in common to fall back on when the first blush of the relationship fades. By understanding each other, they can reach success.

Rat is hard working and likes the success it brings. Pig also enjoys financial freedom, but tends not to work as hard. Once this is understood, they can work with it. Pig is very good about always putting Rat first. Rat appreciates this, and will overlook some of Pig's irritating habits. Pig easily overlooks Rat's bad habits as long as Rat makes enough money for them to be comfortable. Together they can enjoy life's luxuries and keep busy on the social circuit.

They do not do as well in business together, or if they are just friends. There are too many differences of opinions. In the bedroom they both enjoy the sensuality of the moment.

When this pairing consists of a Pig man and a Rat woman, she will appreciate his luck with money and he will appreciate her thriftiness. They both love children. Fine living is also important to both of them.

When this pairing consists of a Rat man and a Pig woman, they may indulge a bit too much in the good life. They are a bit naive when together, and they may end up irresponsible or unrealistic. While he tends not to stray, it may prove difficult because she places so much trust in him that she never asserts her rights.

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