Aries Rising / Ascendant

Aries Ascendant

Aries Rising is quick and to the point. They act before they think, charging into the fray without a plan. While they are active, they are not aggressive. They just see what they want and go get it. While some may be competitive, most are putting all the pressure to get what they want on themselves. Everything is done quickly.

Those born with an Aries Ascendant are quick to anger and quick to let it pass. They don't hold grudges as a rule… they prefer to be straightforward and direct. They can't stand to sit still. They prefer to be active, and will not hesitate to stir something up to keep things interesting. They may have difficulty finishing their projects, because they would rather jump to something new.

Certain physical qualities are associated with Aries Rising. They may exhibit a swift walk, leaning forward with their head. They may be plagued by sinus and eye problems, and headaches, especially migraines, may be the bane of their existence. Some are plagued with rashes, insect bites and acne. Their complexion may be a bit ruddy… even if it isn't, they tend to blush easily or their face may turn red when angry. This Sign may show itself in broad shoulders and slim hips. These people are always quick to smile, and they retain youthfulness throughout their entire lives.

Children, with an Aries Ascendant, are known for being independent and often quite self-reliant. As adults, they remain the same. They are honest and fearless. Their courage and leadership is often called upon in challenging situations. They come across at times as impatient and rude. If this first impression is all people get from Aries Rising, they will be missing out, since a person’s Rising Sign is only an outward mask. If they get even a slight glimpse into the deeper self, they will see an indomitable spirit, boundless courage and the willingness to fight for a cause this person believes in.

Passionate, Aries Rising will chase whomever they are interested in at the moment in affairs of the heart. The chase is part of the excitement. They can be charming and hard to resist. They are enthusiastic and adventurous, if a little bit overwhelming for some people.

The Aries Ascendant is oriented on success. They are ambitious and can be single-minded towards their own achievements to the point of selfishness at times. This usually stems from the fact they are so focused on their own goals that they forget that others may be involved or affected. They have a strong need to accomplish their goals, no matter how foolish, dangerous or far-reaching they may seem.

Aries Rising is enthusiastic and full of energy. When they get motivated, get out of their way! It is easy for them to get carried away and overestimate their own abilities. They may suffer from overwork. They tend to be informal and easy going. Sports and other competitions really appeal to this Ascendant. They are popular socially and usually in the center of all the action.

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