Chinese Horse and Tiger Compatibility

Horse with Tiger Compatibility

Chinese Horse and Tiger are a great match. They both love adventure. They share many of the same characteristics and are not likely to become jealous of the other. These happy people have a zest for life that is seldom matched. They share a terrific sense of humor. They have a great respect for each other and their way of life. Tiger appreciates Horse's ability to enjoy the moment and that Horse also wants freedom. Horse enjoys Tiger's unpredictability and independence.

The few issues that may arise may be caused by Tiger's dominance of the relationship which may frustrate Horse. Horse is more analytical, which may cause problems for Tiger, who wants to make snap decisions. If either feels trapped in the relationship, either may flee for their lives.

In business, they make a dynamic pair. They are open to innovation and creativity, though Tiger may still try to take over.

When this pairing consists of a Horse man and a Tiger woman, they may be too loose with their finances. They do love their carefree life, but it is understood that either one can walk away whenever they feel like it.

When this pairing consists of a Tiger man and a Horse woman, he will be the perfect gentleman as long as she plays along with the idea of masculine superiority. He won't care if she's just playing along. They will get along famously in almost every aspect of their lives.

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