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Jupiter in Leo attracts luck when they are generous and inspire others around them. They need to present themselves with dignity and sincerity, and try very hard to not let their ego get in the way. They prosper when they can be creative, such as in the entertainment field, or working with children or recreation.

Jupiter in Leo has strong opinions and beliefs. They can take it personally when others disagree with them. They are good at making their own opportunities and they do best when taking calculated risks confidently. They are drawn to interesting people, and can be quite memorable themselves.

Leo Jupiter must have a way to play. Holidays, romance and celebrations renew their spirit. They may have talents in the arts, drama, teaching or as a community leader. They shine when they are the center of attention, and come across as confident and cultivated. They are optimistic and enjoy a healthy constitution. They love to show off their status and wealth. People trust them.

Leo Jupiter may gamble too much, or be offended if they are not automatically accorded the respect and admiration which they feel they deserve. They can be a bit melodramatic and play to the audience a bit much, but this is why so many people love them. Their charisma brings them good fortune. The enthusiasm they show attracts success and attention wherever they go. Rejection just rolls off of them. They may tend to exaggerate.

Dignified and honest, Jupiter in Leo needs honor and social status to feel self-worth. Social importance means a lot to them. They have a good sense of humor. They are open to exploring new things. They are self-reliant, courageous and full of vitality. On the other hand, they may become extravagant, ostentatious and self-centered. They may make rash judgments. If they don't watch their weight, they may have issues with the heart.

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