Chinese Ox and Rabbit Compatibility

Ox with Rabbit Compatibility

Chinese Ox and Rabbit are extremely compatible. They can easily have a relationship built on warmth, compassion and trust. They have a lot in common like enjoying quiet nights at home that keep them both cuddled up and happy. Neither one really like crowds and is much happier staying with their friends and family.

Both partners respect each other. If they crave any excitement, all they need to do is let a little bit of the outside world in for a little while. In business, these two work well together. The Ox can take the lead while the Rabbit follows behind. The Ox is a hard worker and will not take advantage of the Rabbit's nature.

When this pairing consists of a Rabbit man and an Ox woman, they can end up being pretty happy together. She may get a bit tired of his overt affection. She doesn't like being waited on, even though he is only doing it to show his love. They both love children.

When this pairing consists of an Ox man and a Rabbit woman, it will be reasonably successful. They have a lot in common, though they may need to work to get it. Ox makes Rabbit feel secure, which is something she needs desperately. She can also help him gain some refinement. She takes good care of the home for him. He may tend to get jealous. She may daydream a bit more than he likes, and she is prone to periods of lethargy, which he simply does not understand.

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