The Zodiac Sign Cancer

Cancer glyph

Cancer is the fourth Sign of the Zodiac circle. Its symbol the crab indicates protection and security and its glyph shows us a slightly twofold nature.

Attributes of the Cancer Sign

Planetary ruler: Moon Affiliated with: House 4
Duality: Passive Color: Silver and White
Modality: Cardinal Anatomy: Breast and Stomach
Element: Water Key words: I Feel

Interpreting the Cancer Sign

Cancer’s temperament is naturally protective, resourceful, intuitive, tenacious, and is known as the nurturer of the Zodiac.

Its ruling planet is the Moon which gives it an extremely empathic temperament. Cancer is a Water Sign and because the Moon naturally rules over the oceans, tides and human emotion, it has a powerful effect on this Sign.

Cancer is also the natural ruler of the fourth house which governs family relations and home life. It also deals with ancestry, security and real estate.

This Zodiac Sign’s traits are said to be the least clear-cut as compared to the other Signs in the Zodiac. It varies from being timid, shy and withdrawn to the most brilliant and grand.

To their intimates they show kindness, sensitivity and devotion.

Every Sign has positive and negative energies. The following words describe the darker side of this Zodiac Sign: moody, fickle-minded, devious, clingy, indecisive and insecure.

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