Love Sign: Pisces Venus

Venus Pisces

Pisces Venus is a dreamy, soft-hearted charmer. They flirt attractively… they are playful with a slight moodiness, and may be a bit unusual. They are romantic, and prefer to play it by ear as they feel out the relationship. They can be very sensitive, but this can be a bit frustrating since they are not only sensitive to their partner, but towards everyone.

Pisces Venus wants their partner to know that they love unconditionally. They don't care about status; they just care about what is inside. They are attracted to those who need help, to the point they may be attracted more to a person's suffering or situations requiring a bit of martyrdom. They like to save people, and they like to be the one being saved. They find it hard to commit, even when they want to.

The person with Venus in Pisces likes romance and tenderness. They are not the most reliable, but remember that if they stretch the truth a bit, it is usually because they are afraid to cause you hurt. Try to be understanding, though this can be difficult sometimes since they don't always understand themselves. Sometimes they actually like the idea of being misunderstood.

Pisces Venus is compassionate and sensitive. They have a sense of humor in love, but often suffer ups and down in their mood. They are bothered by harshness or abrasive personalities. If you look in the dictionary under "wistful," there will be a photo of Pisces Venus as the definition. They desperately want to connect with a partner, but it is hard for them to settle down. They like some freedomÂ… they don't like to be tied to schedules and duties. They may have a difficult time saying no to people.

The person with Venus in Pisces is changeable, and can appear completely different to different people. They have the knack of picking up on the emotions of others, and they can adapt to fit the needs of those around them.

Pisces Venus has the ability to understand people and to forgive them, no matter what. It is hard for them to define boundaries around themselves. They tend to be taken advantage of because of their sense of hospitality and empathy. They often feel alone or disappointed unless they get a very clear, definitive demonstration of love and affection. They are afraid of getting hurt, and may hesitate to express their own feelings. It is important for Pisces Venus to learn to protect themselves.

In friendship, they will go out of their way for a friend or anyone in need. They are thoughtful listeners who can empathize with any situation. They may get over-involved with others' emotions. It is important for them to steer clear of those that drain them emotionally.

A person with Venus in Pisces is very successful in work with paranormal themes, like past lives, dreams or the occult. They are natural actors because they can tap into the emotions of others easily.

Venus in Pisces has a mystical quality that is attractive. For those who want to win a Pisces Venus for their mate, you'll need to make the first move. Be affectionate and demonstrative in love, and always be sensitive and gentle.

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