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Taurus Midheaven is nothing if not persistent. They know how to tough it out. Difficulties don't throw them off the path if they believe it will get them results. They know they have creative potential and will invest in it wholeheartedly. They like consistency; it is important for them, as is security. People born with a Taurus Midheaven must feel safe and secure. It may mean different things to different people, but once they learn what makes them feel the most secure, they stick with it.

Those born with the Midheaven in Taurus like to be in charge, and once they are, it is very difficult to relinquish their position to others. They become very possessive of their position. They have trouble delegating, because they feel they have the skills to do it better. They have a need to earn enough money to supply their needs. Even if they don't have enough money, everyone thinks they do. Possible careers that individuals with a Taurus Midheaven may consider fall into banking, art, music, finance, agriculture, real estate, landscaping, architecture or conservation. Whatever they choose, they like to be hands on with the job. Ideally, they like to create things for others to appreciate. Everything must be real and tangible. If they don't need the money, they may find equal satisfaction in a volunteer position where they can excel. Individuals with a Taurus Midheaven have a talent for seeing business opportunities.

Taurus Midheaven is sure of their beliefs. They don't feel it necessary to force what they believe onto other people. Having their beliefs questions, however, can cause a big rift. Their beliefs are often structured very rigidly. This helps them feel comforted and secure emotionally.

Self-employment is possible for Taurus Midheaven. They love to develop their skills and help others; what better way to do this than when they are the boss? Once they find their niche, they are content to sail through the rest of life.

Taurus Midheaven doesn't like change. This goes for both the physical world and the mental one. Ideas can stick with them no matter what until they are finally convinced they should let it go. This can work with an unsatisfactory career, too. They may spend years in a dead-end job, but they fear the change, even if it may be better. They may appear stingy because they never feel they have enough to be secure. They need to learn that sometimes it is worth letting things go to open up to a rich relationship.

While they may tend to surround themselves with comfortable things, they may grow dissatisfied with them. This feeling will lead to the realization that knowledge is their true security, not things. They have a real need for understanding from others.

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