Chinese Snake and Dragon Compatibility

Snake With Dragon Compatibility

Chinese Snake and Dragon are a good couple. They both have magnetic personalities and are drawn to each other through their charm and beauty. Snake is seductive and Dragon loves the sensuousness of Snake. They are passionate and will find ways to keep the relationship going no matter what difficulties are in the way. They respect each other greatly. They share a lot of the same intellectual interests. Snake is rather insecure, and they take comfort in knowing that Dragon is truly giving them their heart... as far as they know. Dragon is a notorious flirt and this may make Snake possessive. They need to have patience with each other and overcome their frustrations by talking things out.

In business, these two are made for each other. Snake makes excellent plans and is lucky with money. Dragon is lucky in everything, so they make it look easy to run a successful business full of energy.

When this pairing consists of a Snake man and a Dragon woman, she will be uncompromising and have a fiery temperament. He will be sensitive and unpredictable. He may be afraid to make decisions. He may be irresponsible. She will want her own way all the time. If they can overcome these things, they can be rather happy together.

When this pairing consists of a Dragon man and a Snake woman, he will be delighted to have found such a specimen of womanhood. She will be submissive and flatter him as much as possible. He will be generous and take pride in caring for her.

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