Chinese Dragon and Dog Compatibility

Dragon with Dog Compatibility

Chinese Dragon and Dog are not very compatible. They find it difficult to get along in just about any type of relationship. Dragon is active and likes to flirt. Dog wants a relationship with someone they can trust implicitly. While both signs are trustworthy and loyal, they get caught up in all the negative possibilities and can't see the truth. These two are opposites in almost every way. Their physical relationship can be very intense, but the rest of their relationship will not be easy. Dog is sensitive to emotional disturbances and needs a lot of self-maintenance time. Dragon sees this as moodiness and manipulation. While Dog is the last person to use manipulation, Dragon doesn't realize this.

If both signs realized they could trust each other, they would do much better. In business, if they can learn to get along they can do well. Dog is a hard worker and Dragon has energy and drive.

When this pairing consists of a Dog man and a Dragon woman, they don't have much in common at all. She needs flattery and admiration, but he won't have a clue about how to fulfill this need for her. He won't hesitate to point out her faults, which will cause a spectacular reaction from her.

When this pairing consists of a Dragon man and a Dog woman, even though he is generous and kind and she is loyal and true, they just can't seem to get along. They each have a talent for causing the other irritation.

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