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Capricorn Moon Compatibility with Aries Moon

Capricorn Moon with Aries Moon

Capricorn Moon and Aries Moon will have a challenging time of it. If the relationship is to work, one will inevitably end up compromising at their own expense. They do stand a chanceĀ… this pairing is somewhat compatible. Both partners will do whatever they need to make it work.

They do have many differences to overcome, however. Aries Moon is enthusiastic, direct and spontaneous while Capricorn Moon is careful, controlled and reserved. They are both rather self-centered, which may add to their challenges. Aries wants everything at that moment while Capricorn is willing to wit and earn what they want slowly through organization and strategy. Capricorn also has a problem with self-confidence. This can upset Aries to no end.

On the good side, Capricorn helps Aries create distance from irritations. In turn, Aries can help Capricorn enjoy more spontaneity in their life. Both are able to be self-sufficient emotionally and enjoy time alone. When attraction appears in this pairing, it normally runs its course and life goes on. If this relationship is to truly work, both partners will need to cooperate and work with each other to develop a give and take. This will help this pairing survive.

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Capricorn Moon Compatibility with Taurus Moon

Capricorn Moon with Taurus Moon

Capricorn Moon and Taurus Moon are a good match. They will have a tremendous respect and understanding for each other. They have a lot of things in common. Both Capricorn and Taurus need money and material possessions to make them feel secure and comfortable. They both like routine and order. Both partners will prove dependable and responsible.

They do have a few differences they may need to work through. Taurus Moon is very laid back and easy going. It takes some real motivation to get them moving. They also like to mosey along so they can enjoy the scenery. Capricorn Moon needs to be actively working to be happy. They want to get everything done yesterday, and they need to feel in control. While Taurus likes instant gratification, Capricorn is willing to wait for it, knowing how good it will be. Capricorn Moon may think Taurus will never grow up. Taurus Moon may think Capricorn is obsessed with proving their worth.

Taurus Moon does appreciate Capricorn's stability and steadiness. Capricorn Moon appreciates Taurus' creativity ending up in practical usage. Taurus Moon can help Capricorn learn to enjoy the fruits of their labor and to show affection. Capricorn Moon can help Taurus find motivation and ambition to bring their ideas to reality. Overall, they are a solid match that should do well together.

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Capricorn Moon Compatibility with Gemini Moon

Capricorn Moon with Gemini Moon

Capricorn Moon and Gemini Moon will need to work to make this relationship successful. They may feel there is a karmic tie between them. This pairing can easily get unbalanced, so care must be taken that one person is not taken advantage of more often than the other. They do not have a whole lot in common when it comes to their approaches in life.

Gemini and Capricorn may have difficulty communicating with each other. This will lead to frustration and misunderstandings. Gemini Moon is restless, open minded, and hardly ever finishes what they begin. Capricorn Moon is serious, conscientious and disciplined. They need to set goals and achieve them. While each fills a need in the other, the communication problems may be too much for some to overcome.

On the good days, this pairing complements each other perfectly. Gemini can prevent Capricorn from overworking and teach them how to have fun. Capricorn may be able to teach Gemini some responsibility and discipline. Capricorn Moon always ends up being the adult, while Gemini Moon plays and has fun. This can become a bone for contention between them.

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Capricorn Moon Compatibility with Cancer Moon

Capricorn Moon with Cancer Moon

Capricorn Moon and Cancer Moon can work out very well together. They are either the best of pals or arguing, there never seems to be an in between. They differ in how they understand the world, but if they can work together, this can be a very good match.

Cancer Moon is caring, emotional and moody while Capricorn Moon is uncomfortable with feelings and emotions. Cancer wants to be close and nurturing; Capricorn prefers to keep a bit of a distance to the point that they will put off their own needs in favor of work and responsibilities. Both partners are hardworking, patient and responsible. Capricorn may have difficulty being there for Cancer emotionally even if they are there physically.

Both partners are very committed and loyal, and it is here that they can truly connect. Cancer can help Capricorn understand that they need tenderness and love as much as anyone else. While Capricorn hates others being too dependent, they learn to appreciate Cancer's softness and nurturing. Cancer can get a lot from Capricorn's strength and emotional stability in a relationship.

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Capricorn Moon Compatibility with Leo Moon

Capricorn Moon with leo Moon

Capricorn Moon and Leo Moon may be happy together, but usually one partner ends up constantly trying to please the other. In most cases, Leo Moon won't appreciate the directness of Capricorn, and Capricorn Moon won't appreciate the generosity of Leo.

These two are opposites. Leo Moon wants to make the dramatic gesture and attract attention; Capricorn Moon is more serious, subdued and controlled. Leo Moon may be playful and a bit lazy; Capricorn Moon is responsible and hardworking. Leo Moon shows love through romantic gestures and expects praise. Capricorn Moon shows love through practical gifts like making a meal or taking the car into the shop. Both Capricorn and Leo will tend to feel inhibited and overwhelmed by the other.

Their differences will stand out, causing them to constantly create unhappiness in their partner unless they can learn to accommodate the other. This is a very difficult pairing to make work. The detachment of Capricorn Moon will drive Leo Moon to distraction. They will never feel the center of attention while the detachment is there. Leo's need for praise and attention tends to make Capricorn pull out their hair. Chances are both partners will feel it is time to cut their losses and move on at some point in this relationship.

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Capricorn Moon Compatibility with Virgo Moon

Capricorn Moon with Virgo Moon

Capricorn Moon and Virgo Moon are the best of friends the moment they meet. They can't believe their luck in finding someone who shares so many things in common. They are highly compatible, and this relationship should work out well for all concerned.

Both Capricorn Moon and Virgo Moon are organized and practical. They both work hard and want to be useful. Both are willing to forego their own desires and feelings in lieu of responsibilities. They are self-disciplined and meticulous. They are faithful, constant and don't like risks. They will happily tread the safe, logical path to financial security. Together they can have a very powerful connection. Others may view them as boring, but they feel secure and happy. They need to make sure they don't expect too much of themselves. With their self-critical tendencies, they can undermine their own work.

They do need to be wary of overwork. All work and no play will make even Capricorn Moon and Virgo Moon dull. If they can learn to relax and enjoy themselves as well as maintain their responsibilities, they will be extremely happy.

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Capricorn Moon Compatibility with Libra Moon

Capricorn Moon with Libra Moon

Capricorn Moon and Libra Moon may not be very likely partners. Unless one is willing to compromise, they may never find a meeting of the minds. With Libra's airy qualities and Capricorn's down to earth ethics, it is difficult for them to get along.

Libra Moon wants a loving relationship based on give and take, with each partner responding to the other's needs. Capricorn Moon is rather reserved and is focused on responsibility. They are willing to forego immediate gratification for the ultimate reward down the road. They are practical and will work hard to attain financial security for their family. Libra Moon will have a difficult time with Capricorn's aloofness and seriousness. Capricorn Moon will have a rough time by Libra's obsession with pleasure, lighthearted romantic notions and indecisiveness. They just find their own security in very different ways. Idealism doesn't always match practicality.

If they can make it work, Libra can teach Capricorn how to enjoy a break once in awhile, and Capricorn can teach Libra some independence. In most cases, however, they just can't satisfy each others' needs. They just don't have it in them to see eye to eye.

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Capricorn Moon Compatibility with Scorpio Moon

Capricorn Moon with Scorpio Moon

Capricorn Moon and Scorpio Moon make the best of friends, and this can also turn into a nice romantic relationship as well. They can often have a long lasting relationship filled with respect and admiration. Both Capricorn and Scorpio are loyal and are capable of great depth of feeling. They are both rather private and dedicated. They both proceed with caution and are slow to trust.

Where they differ can either make the relationship interesting or problematic. Scorpio needs to experience intense emotions, and may actually manufacture drama in order to fill this need. Capricorn will place practical needs above all else.

Capricorn may seem emotionally detached compared to Scorpio's intensity. Capricorn can teach Scorpio how to focus on practical matters and Scorpio can help Capricorn feel more comfortable with their sensuality. If each partner focuses on the other, they can develop very strong bonds and enjoy a deep relationship. If Scorpio can curb the suspicion, Capricorn will respond better. Neither partner is capable of superficial feelings.

They can create a wonderful relationship if they can only get over the few differences they have. Both should learn how to communicate rather than keep secrets from each other.

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Capricorn Moon Compatibility with Sagittarius Moon

Capricorn Moon with Sagittarius Moon

Capricorn Moon and Sagittarius Moon may as well be from two different planets. Sagittarius is friendly, loves adventure and is enthusiastic, while Capricorn is cautious, hardworking and a homebody. There is a large amount of conflicts to overcome if this pairing is to work out.

Sagittarius Moon can't see the realism that Capricorn is a part of. Capricorn's dedication to hard work and creating a secure foundation is completely alien to Sagittarius. Capricorn Moon wants dedication and commitment; Sagittarius Moon wants freedom to follow their dreams. Capricorn chooses duty and responsibility over pleasure; Sagittarius chooses the opposite. Enthusiastic Sagittarius has problems with Capricorn's self doubts and feelings of doom and gloom. In order to make this relationship work, both partners would have to be willing to make drastic changes in how they approach the world. If they can pull it together, Sagittarius can help Capricorn learn to lighten up and enjoy themselves. Capricorn can help ground Sagittarius and add a little reality to their impracticality.

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Capricorn Moon Compatibility with Capricorn Moon

Capricorn Moon with Capricorn Moon

When Capricorn Moon is paired with Capricorn Moon, they are actually fairly compatible. Their strengths work well together, and they can build a comfortable home together through their hard work. They should try to avoid being negative at the same time, since this can cause havoc with the relationship.

Capricorn Moon is realistic. At times they may become cynical or pessimistic. When both become this way, life can be miserable. They drive themselves hard to create financial security for their family. While emotionally reserved, this sign can be very sensual. They prefer committed relationships, but find it very easy to neglect their home life due to overwork. When both partners end up doing this, their family can suffer.

Capricorn Moon doubled not only understands each other, but unfortunately they can reinforce each other's bad habits. They find it hard to show vulnerability or neediness. They show their love by doing practical things like paying bills or doing the laundry. They may find it challenging to deal with children who are more emotionally needy than themselves. Self control and emotional caution are very important to Capricorns. If they can learn to laugh and trust others, it will result in a happier union overall.

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Capricorn Moon Compatibility with Aquarius Moon

Capricorn Moon with Aquarius Moon

Capricorn Moon and Aquarius Moon have a good chance of having a successful relationship. This chance increases if one partner is willing to be more tolerant of the other. They often have different dreams and desires, but if they are both willing to make it work, it can be done.

Capricorn Moon is serious and may be rather cynical. They don't show their emotions and would rather not show any vulnerability either. Aquarius Moon is exuberant, optimistic and sociable. They intellectualize their feelings and are often unaware of their own emotional needs, let alone those of their partner.

They both want to succeed, though they have different goals. Capricorn wants to attain advancement and security, while Aquarius wants to change the world. Capricorn enjoys a traditional relationship and takes their responsibilities seriously. Aquarius resists the traditional and wants to try new things. Both partners are likely to feel inhibited when together. Capricorn feels a need to set boundaries while Aquarius can't help but try to break through them. They will have to work hard to overcome these differences.

Both partners may have difficulties when it comes to letting their emotions out. This can lead to a lot of resentment or hurt feelings because the other just doesn't understand what is wrong. When they do make this relationship work, it can be pretty good, however. If they feel inclined to work at it, they can complement each other nicely.

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Capricorn Moon Compatibility with Pisces Moon

Capricorn Moon with Pisces Moon

Capricorn Moon and Pisces Moon are about as different as they come. They can be loyal friends, but they approach the world in such different ways that it is hard for them to come together as a couple. While Capricorn is detached emotionally, Pisces is raw emotion, open to any influences that may be nearby.

Capricorn is responsible and hard working. They are focused and loyal. Pisces is irresponsible, dreamy and unorganized. They are passive and moody. Pisces Moon has an idealistic approach to relationships, while Capricorn Moon wants a firm commitment. Pisces can be clingy, which Capricorn may find extremely annoying.

In rare instances, these two can be compatible if they can work out their differences. In these cases, they are able to be complementary to each other. Capricorn can take care of the outside world, while Pisces learns some responsibility and takes care of the home front. Capricorn can teach Pisces how to make the most of their creativity, while Pisces can teach Capricorn how to release their emotions. When this pairing works, it goes to show that with enough love and determination, any couple has the potential to work.

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