Sagittarius Gift Ideas

Sagittarius gift box

The Sagittarius in your life loves adventure and travel. They want to be free, not tied down by monotony and drudgery. They also have a keen sense of humor. They are optimistic and love to keep learning. They do place a degree of importance on gift giving... this is a solemn occasion that warrants their full attention.

When choosing a gift for Sagittarius, don't forget their personality. They love to stay active, both mentally and physically. Your Sagittarius may be somewhat accident prone... keep this in mind when choosing their gift. They love to socialize, especially at parties. Sports are a great way for them to spend time, either playing them or watching them. This opens up a wide range of gift giving possibilities for you.

When choosing a Sagittarius gift, think exotic. They love to travel, so anything about exotic places or from exotic places are great. Anything that encourages them to be active is also a surefire hit. Think chic. Appeal to their inner intellect.

If you still can't think of anything yourself based on this advice, here are some suggestions that Sagittarius will love. Be sure to tailor these suggestions to your particular Sagittarius. If you have the money to spend, book your Sagittarius on a group tour somewhere. Choose a locale that is exotic and different from where they live. Hawaii, Florida, Europe, Asia, you choose. Your Sagittarius will have a blast. If that is not in your budget, try a book about one of their favorite exotic places. Make sure the book includes maps and colorful photos. Barring that, go to an import store and pick out something that looks exotic. Maybe one of those monkeys carved from a coconut would be just right!

Since Sagittarius loves to learn, books of any type are wonderful. Make sure they are beautiful as well as thought provoking. They love to keep up with their favorite topics and learn new things. A new or continued subscription to a journal or magazine may also be suitable. For that matter, if your Sagittarius is on the go a lot, think about books on tape, or even a lecture series on tape or DVD. Cookbooks from other countries are also a perfect gift... that way even if they can't visit the land they wish to, they can try the cuisine in their own kitchen.

Since Sagittarius can be a bit accident prone, it may not be amiss to give them a first aid kit they can pack along with them on their adventures. Make sure it contains enough supplies to fix a wide variety of accidents. They will love your thoughtfulness and caring.

Sagittarius likes the unusual. Tickets to an art show, a performance or concert may be the perfect gift. Since they also love sports, tickets to see their favorite team will delight them. Alternatively, you could take them on your own private adventure... maybe a canoe ride and then a picnic in a lovely spot. They like cuddling almost as much as sports.

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