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Saturn in Sagittarius is serious when it comes to philosophy, education and religion. They are highly principled, believing that people earn their achievements through hard work. Reputation is very important to them. They may not have been able to get the education they desired, so many are self-taught to a degree. Intellectual capability is important to them. They may be skeptical and need to prove their theories.

Sagittarius Saturn is conservative, and they change only with much resistance. They may be very narrow-minded when it comes to philosophy or religion. With Saturn in Sagittarius, it gains structure and goals. They love to learn and now they have the focus they need. Alternatively, they can also develop tunnel vision.

They may be attracted to games of chance. They enjoy the adventure and excitement associated with it. They are very logical. It is hard for them to appreciate the magic in a sunset or a rainbow. They may fear they will be punished if they don't live on the straight and narrow. If they let fear rule their life, they may become cynical, critical and forlorn.

Alternatively, Saturn in Sagittarius can become disillusioned with authority and create their own through the use of strong intuition. By letting go of their fear, they can evolve into a better self. They still want their freedom, just with rules. They like to travel.

Sagittarius Saturn must learn to trust. They may be open and honest, or careless, rebellious and indecisive. Unless they learn to open up, they will continue to suffer. They may need to judge more carefully or learn what is appropriate and what is not. Once they work through their issues they can become a recognized authority in their chosen field or gain distinction in some other way.

Physically, Saturn in Sagittarius may suffer difficulties with the muscles, hips, sciatic nerve and liver. Exercise is important to keep flexibility in these areas.

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