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Neptune in Capricorn

Neptune in Capricorn is reserved and refined, especially in areas related to control, power, fame and success. They dream of wealth and power, even if they don't quite know how to attain it. They can use their imagination to put just about any idea to practical use and turn it into money.

Capricorn Neptune is serious and likes to think things over. They have the ability to concentrate on anything that happens, so they can solve any problems that occur. Detail work is something they usually excel at. On the other hand, they may tend towards melancholy, secrets and deceit. When they get this way, they want to shut themselves away from the world.

Capricorn Neptune may be a bit conservative and traditional. They reflect on spiritual matters, and are inspired by the Great Masters of art, music and literature. Many become cynics or critics. They may be accused of not having enough compassion.

Neptune in Capricorn excels at organization and bureaucracy, and they are conscious of status. They like to be in authority. Their only problem is getting reality to work as they think it should. They may envision a system that runs smoothly, is responsive to the needs of all those involved, and that promotes on merit. It can be frustrating for them to deal with the harsh reality instead.

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