Chinese Rooster and Tiger Compatibility

Rooster with Tiger Compatibility

Chinese Rooster and Tiger will argue a lot. They seldom want the same things. Each of these signs is strong of character. Rooster believes in hard work and attaining perfection. They extend this expectation to their relationships. Tiger wants freedom for themselves, but doesn't want it for their partner. Both prefer to control the situation.

If they can find a common ground, they can have a wonderful relationship. Tiger knows just how to cheer up Rooster as long as they are free at least part of the time. Rooster is cautious; Tiger is carefree. Without a bit of diplomacy, these two will have nothing but trouble.

In business, these two may get along better. Tiger will appreciate Rooster's efforts to keep the business running perfectly and Rooster will be happy to let Tiger be the person dealing with the public.

When this pairing consists of a Rooster man and a Tiger woman, he knows full well he is not as smart as his mate. Nevertheless, he has some excellent qualities that should be appreciated. She may tend to be overly critical. He will be loyal, jealous and controlling. She wants her freedom and will not hesitate to fight for it.

When this pairing consists of a Tiger man and a Rooster woman, both will be hotheaded, aggressive and unwilling to see anything from the others' point of view. He will be arrogant towards her. She, knowing she isn't as brilliant as he is, may try to be accommodating, which can set up a terrible cycle of behavior.

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