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Neptune in Virgo

Neptune in Virgo is concerned with health and nutrition. They may wish to help feed the hungry or heal the sick. They may bring health consciousness to the attention of others, or they may become hypochondriacs and worry about every germ and disease. They are interested in anything new that will heal others, especially if it has mystical or non-physical applications.

Neptune in Virgo has a great fondness for family and their home. They idealize the dream of having a snug cottage surrounded by their children and grandchildren. Physical security is important to them. If you happen to prefer solitude, others may feel sorry for you when there is no need. The natural world is important to Virgo Neptune, who knows it holds many secrets to health.

Virgo Neptune may feel a need to overcome negativity that they believe causes disease and discomfort. They may emphasize the connection between emotions and physical health to others. They may lose themselves in the pursuit of serving others. They may be critical of any who do not share their opinions.

Neptune in Virgo possesses the mental faculties of inspiration, prophesy, and high standards. They can be spiritual at times. They are concerned with environmental hazards, nutrition-less foods and pollution. They have a very strong sense of what is right and what is wrong. They follow their own strict code of ethics and moral judgment. They may appear conservative or straight-laced. They must be cautious not to lose the big picture because they get lost in minor details. This is even easier to do today with computers. It is easy to lose oneself on the computer.

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