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The Sagittarius Sun Sign has an honest, optimistic and independent personality. They are passionate about justice and love adventure and travel. They are lucky in many aspects of life. They love freedom, intellectual stimulation and their own space. Every day is a reason for a new adventure. Self-confident, positive and enthusiastic, they’re a resource of information. Restless at times, they risk jeopardizing their relationships if they let it rule their lives.

Sagittarius Sun Signs like to find people to join in athletic as well as intellectual pursuits. If you want a relationship with a Sagittarius Sun Sign, don't smother them. They will run far away from clinging vines. In relationships, they are sincere, straightforward and passionate. They are faithful if all their needs are met, but that annoying restlessness can create distance, both physically and mentally. Commitment is challenging due to this restless nature. They may find it difficult to be affectionate if they are more mental than emotional. This dual nature found in this Sign can also create difficulty between career and family life.

Emotionally, they need a lot of freedom. They may spend their lives flitting from one affair to another, without ever finding meaning. On occasion they may also develop a sort of fanaticism when it comes to religion. Luckily, most people born under the Sign of the Centaur are fair and concerned about others. They are usually charming, easy going, and friendly. They are honest… sometimes a little too honest.


When they get angry, watch out; they know exactly what to say to hurt you most. They are very forgiving, so if they get angry with you, hopefully you will forgive them as well. This Sign has very little diplomacy, so if you want their opinion, you'll definitely get it!

Sagittarius Sun Signs are excellent organizers. They think fast and follow their intuition. Strong-willed, they are usually successful at any project they take on. They may end up writing books, making films or somehow influencing the world in some other way. They are enthusiastic and upbeat, and want their messages to be that way, too. They often choose to be journalists, teachers, lecturers, politicians, public relations workers, lawyers, judges, philosophers or religious leaders. If a job requires travel, it is appealing to them. Archaeologists, travel agents, traveling salesmen or jobs in the gambling industry offer a bit of excitement. Jobs that are involved with sports are also alluring, especially if they have to do with horses, cars or aircraft.

Sagittarius Sun Signs love sports. They are usually good at any they try their hand at. They are exceptionally good with horses. Regular exercise is needed to spend some of that boundless energy they have. They should be careful however… they may get hurt if they take too many risks. They love to travel… absolutely anywhere. Exotic locations, rugged locations or the beach, they just like to be on the move and see something new.

On the negative side, the Sagittarius Sun Sign can be domineering, inconsiderate and exacting. They may be quick to anger or impatient. Their private lives can be extravagant, vulgar and frivolous. On the positive side, however, they can be generous, caring and inventive.

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