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The Pisces Sun Sign personality is spiritual, compassionate and full of unconditional love. They believe that everyone is connected, no matter their differences. They may be psychic, or at least feel a part of the universal consciousness. They are emotional and instinctual. Easily discouraged, they may find themselves feeling unappreciated, so they just pack up and move on to something else.

There are two sides to the Pisces Sun Sign personality… lost, isolated and depressed or visionaries who may be involved with healing, art, psychic arts or other spiritual practices. One feels they must choose between feeling human or divine, while the other knows how to incorporate both aspects for the greater good.

Those born with a Pisces Sun Sign are flexible, but it is this very flexibility that makes decision making difficult. They think in the abstract, which can make reality hard to deal with at times. It is easy for them to get stuck in limbo. They are tactful, charming, regal and reliable. They’re good listeners and can be very observant.

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Pisces Sun Signs are generous with friends, and they always check their ego at the door when it comes to relationships. It is easy for them to get caught up in the fantasy of romance and then come crashing down when reality hits. They are loyal to a fault and prefer to be homebodies than to remain uprooted. They are faithful to their partners. They are usually popular with others because they are so easy going and affectionate. They find it easy to accept people for what they are, and they concern themselves with the problems of others before they deal with their own. All of this self-denial may prove wearing on them eventually. They need to take time to indulge themselves and replenish themselves once in awhile.

Pisces Sun Signs are incurable romantics. With the right partner, they can have a fairytale marriage, but with the wrong one, it will be a nightmare because they won't be willing to let go. They are often taken advantage of because they are so forgiving and believe that everyone truly is good. As a rule they usually make excellent parents.

Pisces Sun Signs are creative, and can do well in music, art or literature. They may feel their best work comes from outside of themselves. Even if they are not gifted artistically themselves, they have a good artistic sensibility. They make good photographers, dancers and film-makers. Because of their compassion, they also excel in nursing or as veterinarians. Design, law, library sciences, astronomy and architecture are frequent callings; as are religious posts or jobs that require psychic abilities. They can also use their creativity in the sciences to explore new theories. Their ability to focus pays off for them. They may appear to be workaholics, but they see material wealth as a means to an end.

The Pisces Sun Sign personality doesn’t react well to stress. They don't react well to being confined, particularly when they feel vulnerable. Time alone is the best medicine. Methods of creative visualization or being able to get lost in a book or a movie can be therapeutic as well.

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