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Saturn in Scorpio is impatient. They demand a lot from themselves and from those around them. They can be so intense that it can be overwhelming to those who are not as directed as they are. Full of willpower and energy, they are so determined to meet their goals it is hard for them to remain calm. They are not the type to stop and smell the roses. Instead of going gung ho for their goals, however, they are usually more subtle and calculating.

Saturn in Scorpio can be secretive. When hurt, they can be unforgiving. They don't like to be treated unfairly. They may be cunning, resentful, jealous, or possessive. They are shrewd and like to come out on top of any type of deal.

Scorpio Saturn fears emotional rejection and being inadequate. This fear may cause them to overcompensate in other areas. This fear may also be self-fulfilling. They are afraid of being taken advantage of. By examining their true motives, they may be able to overcome these fears and break the cycle through healing. Scorpio Saturn keeps their motivations hidden deeply. They may be from psychological, emotional or psychic causes. By revealing their motivations, they may master their issues.

They often seek power through covert means. They may dabble in the occult. They work very diligently to achieve self-control. Passionate and intense, Saturn in Scorpio can also find themselves deep in denial. Struggling through their issues will help them deal with their emotional nature.

Scorpio Saturn is resourceful, but they can be vindictive or withdrawn. They do well if they learn to be responsible enough to handle other people's possessions. They must learn to be calm, efficient and thorough. Emotional restraint will do them well.

Physically, Scorpio Saturn may be beset with issues in the reproductive system or the organs of elimination. Bowel obstructions may be a problem. Often associated with negative energy, Saturn in Scorpio must battle to overcome it if they wish to succeed.

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