Pluto in Virgo -
Your Virgo Pluto Sign

Pluto in Virgo

1956-1972 (Generation Jones)

Pluto in Virgo finds it difficult to leave things alone if they think they can improve upon it. They are very inventive. They often find their own ways to communicate. This can actually become a bit of an obsession.

They are good at organizing things, and sometimes get so involved with this they lose their emotional and ethical selves in the process.

Virgo Pluto is interested in health and work. They often prefer to stay in the background rather than seek the spotlight. They may want to save the world. They are not afraid to start from the ground up to create healing for themselves, others around them, and the earth. They are content to know they did their best.

Pluto in Virgo can be analytical and critical. At the same time, they fear criticism from others. They feel better when they are in service to mankind. They are practical and enjoy art and other visual treats. They are interested in science, technology, and healing. They like precision in all things. They may appear cynical.

Virgo Pluto is modest and self-effacing. They want security, but don't feel the same impulse to do whatever it takes. They may take unusual routes for healthcare, nutrition and well-being, but it works for them. They are willing to sacrifice their own desires to serve the community at large.

Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Jody Foster, Michael Jackson and Princess Diana all had/have the Virgo Pluto Sign.

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