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Cancer Jupiter Sign

Jupiter in Cancer attracts good luck when they are charitable, sympathetic and comforting. When they use their energy to save and accumulate, more comes to them. They are intuitive, and if they let these feelings guide them they will attract much good fortune. They should always use their imagination; it will help them succeed. When they are compassionate to others, it comes back to them.

Jupiter in Cancer has a gift at making people feel cared for. They can create a homelike environment anywhere. Whatever they turn their hand to grows or turns out well. They really know how to make the most of what they have. They have a talent for sensing the emotional currents around them and sensing when others feel vulnerable.

They are ambitious, and are led by their intuition and emotions. They are excellent at healing and caregiving. They can be very artistic, whether that is with traditional arts or with food or business. They have an excellent memory, especially for family and history. Security is very important to them. They are likely to build a nice nest egg through careful spending.

Jupiter in Cancer can have good fortune doing anything that deals with the home or food, such as catering, real estate or other related areas. They excel in anything where they nourish others in some manner. They may need some help overcoming moodiness or clinging to old values that no longer hold true. Cancer Jupiter is usually sociable and friendly. They do well with the public, and don't really hit their stride until they reach middle age. They usually have no problems attaining material success. When they share their ideas, it is usually a blending of their philosophies with their own personal experiences.

On the negative side, Jupiter in Cancer can become afraid of anything that is not familiar. They need to overcome this and reach out to those around them, whether they know them or not.

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