Chinese Rooster Sign

Chinese Zodiac Rooster

The Chinese Rooster is practical and quick thinking. They want to use methods that are tried and true rather than using something new and risky. They are very observant. They are honest and keep their word with others. They tend to be perfectionists. They like to look their best and love to be noticed. They are romantics and full of dreams. They can be somewhat eccentric.

Roosters are precise and organized. They like to take on challenges and start controversies. They are good at communicating and very knowledgeable. They are good with money and are very self-controlled. They are creative and competent. Their optimism always sees them through. They like to help others. They have a rather wry sense of humor.

Chinese Roosters like to be the one in charge. They like everything in its place and expect everyone around them to do the same. If Roosters can learn to value what is inside as well as the appearance, they are much happier. They have a lot to give besides a nice face.

Roosters can be rather blunt. They have no problem speaking their mind, no matter who gets hurt. They tend to brag a bit, and seek the spotlight.

Roosters' natural communication skills help them in their careers. They are hard working and highly motivated. They may make good performers, bankers, dentists, secretaries, insurance agents or military personnel.

Roosters are active and generally enjoy good health. Illnesses heal quickly. When they take on too much at one time, they may get moody or stressed out.

Those born in the year of the Rooster may not get on well with those who have sensitive natures. They need a partner who doesn't take their criticisms seriously. They are demanding in relationships and need someone who they respect.

The Chinese Rooster is most compatible with Oxen and Snakes. They are least compatible with Sheep and Rabbits.

Different years are assigned different elements, which can affect each sign. The five elements are metal, water, wood, fire and earth.

Metal Roosters (1921, 1981, 2041) are a bit egotistical and want people to listen to them. They analyze everything around them. They are rather aggressive, which may prevent some relationships from developing.

Water Roosters (1933, 1993, 2053) are calmer than other Roosters. They are more refined and don't feel the need to rise above everyone else. They are energetic and attend to details. If they can focus on the end result, they do better than when they get lost in the details.

Wood Roosters (1945, 2005, 2065) like to work in teams. They have a lot of friends. They truly want to see the good in people and situations. They don't always finish what they start. They often take on more than they can handle.

Fire Roosters (1957, 2017, 2077) spend a lot of time trying to look perfect in every way. They are great at organizing social events and make an excellent leader. They may be extremely blunt in their criticism, which often hurts the feelings of those around them.

Earth Roosters (1909, 1969, 2029) are superb multi-taskers. They are successful and set high standards for those around them. These unrealistic expectations can cause a rift unless they learn a more subtle approach.

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