Chinese Sheep and Horse Compatibility

Sheep with Horse Compatibility

Chinese Sheep and Horse are a good pairing. They enjoy many of the same things and know how to spice things up for each other. Their main problem is Sheep prefers to stay at home where it is quiet and Horse likes to be out having a good time. Sheep, unlike many other people, is happy to allow Horse a little leeway here. Horse in turn will make grand gestures that literally keep Sheep breathless. Sheep feels cherished and adored, which keeps them happy. They can create a wonderful life for themselves.

In business, Sheep may want to be in control. They have a fresh innovative way of thinking that may do well. Horse is a hard worker. The most difficult part for Horse is staying interested.

When this pairing consists of a Sheep man and a Horse woman, they need to work with each others' weaknesses. She is attracted to his charm and helplessness and he is drawn to her resilience and strength. She needs to learn to put up with his pessimism and moodiness, while he needs to put up with her need for freedom. He may be unfaithful, which will hurt her ego.

When this pairing consists of a Horse man and a Sheep woman, his enthusiasm and self confidence are very attractive to her. She loves his romantic flair and how affectionate he is. He finds her emotional complexity intriguing. She must learn to give him space while he must learn to relinquish it at times. Neither one is very good with finances.

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