Love Sign: Aquarius Venus

Venus Aquarius

Aquarius Venus is open-minded and has an eye towards the future. They want to be seen as rebellious, unique and maybe a bit provocative. They don't follow the mainstream in love. They are attracted to unconventional relationships; the more unusual, the better. They don't want to follow the rules, but are not above making some of their own. They are friendly to everyone, but not everyone warrants personal attention from this Sign. They are generally popular and well-liked, and they often have a sparkling personality.

Aquarius Venus doesn't like restrictions, and can appear to be rather aloof. They can be a bit detached in a relationship. They want to be loved for their brains and their visions. They like partners who are also good friends, and they don't like to have any displays of emotions or anger in public. They will have a great time trying to shock you by their unusual habits or their progressive thinking. They often date many different types of people, regardless of social convention or peer pressure.

They want others to let them know how interesting they are. While they get crushes easily, true love can be a bit more challenging. Once they commit, they stick to it. They may feel a bit claustrophobic with a partner who is clingy or high maintenance. They do best when they get a little space once in awhile. They do best with someone who won't judge their outlandish ideas and who may be as unusual as they are.

As a friend, they may be a member of many groups or clubs. Their activism is a place where they may meet many people they like, but emotionally they are a bit of a loner, so Aquarius Venus may compromise and be alone in a busy location. They can be a soothing influence on someone who needs balance and may attract eccentrics or outcasts. The Venus in Aquarius person treats them all with the same amount of respect.

Creatively, Aquarius Venus is a few steps ahead of the crowd. Their inspiration won't be understood yet, but by the time it is, they'll have moved on to something new.

People, who are born with Venus in Aquarius, get noticed because they are offbeat. They stand up for the underdog, and people respect them for this, especially since they don't care how it reflects on them. Aquarius Venus is not critical and they don't dredge up old hurts. They are never boring to be around due to their spontaneous nature.

Those who are attracted to Aquarius Venus should be able to match them intellectually. You should allow them enough freedom to have nights out with their friends, yet can still be their very best friend. Marriage may not be their cup of tea until they have had time to explore.

Aquarius Venus is curious and they enjoy some intellectual stimulation from their partner. They don't like to stagnate, and they have a unique ability to be able to step back and get a new perspective on their situation. While others see them as calming influences, they are not above stirring up a little controversy to make things interesting.

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