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Aquarius Moon compatibility with Aries Moon

Aquarius Moon with Aries Moon

Aquarius Moon and Aries Moon will have a relationship based on loyalty and friendship. They are compatible and often have a strong tie between them despite the challenges that arise. This is a marriage of logic and passion. Both partners love new experiences and opportunities. They both love their independence and they both tend to be restless. They do have a lot in common.

Aquarius and Aries also have a lot of differences. Aries Moon reacts to feelings, while Aquarius Moon reacts to logical argument. Neither one likes to compromise. When Aries gets upset or impatient, Aquarius can drive them crazy with their cool logic.

Aries Moon can be somewhat dominating in the relationship, but Aquarius Moon will not accept this and will demand equality. If they can work together and pair up Aries' need for action with Aquarius' need for change, they can be very happy together. They have no problem letting go of the past, so it is possible for them to work past any disagreements and go on. If worse comes to worst, they can both easily make use of counseling to deal with their issues. They may have difficulty keeping secrets.

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Aquarius Moon Compatibility with Taurus Moon

Aquarius Moon with Taurus Moon

Aquarius Moon and Taurus Moon will have a hard road ahead of them. While they do have some compatibility, one will need to make compromises to overcome the irritation they feel with each other. It is a rare thing for this pairing to work.

Taurus Moon loves their security, material comforts, routines and tranquility. Aquarius Moon wants excitement, freedom, mental stimulation and social interaction. Taurus prefers to use time-honored methods that produce predictable results. Aquarius wants to try the latest gadgets, new ideas and innovate even better ways to do things. Taurus lives in the present while Aquarius lives for the future. This is a classic case of tradition versus change. Both partners are very opinionated, which is one of the few traits they share.

Aquarius Moon and Taurus Moon may have a very strong attraction to one another, but it may be more than they can both endure to make it last any longer than it has to. They may end up with an on again, off again relationship. If they can open up to each other and share, they may both learn a lot that will enrich each of their lives a great deal.

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Aquarius Moon Compatibility with Gemini Moon

Aquarius Moon with Gemini Moon

Aquarius Moon and Gemini Moon get along famously. They have a great deal of understanding and respect for each other. They have similar motivations and desires, which makes this couple almost ideal. They can be the best of friends, share a light romance, or a wonderful domestic partnership.

Aquarius Moon and Gemini Moon both like change, lots of socializing and freedom. Gemini needs variety, and Aquarius is unpredictable and novel. They share a nice wit, a sense of humor, and they love to talk. They can share and grow ideas in a lively manner. The fact that they can have a meeting of the minds means a lot to them.

They can both be a bit detached and unemotional. This won't bother either one of them. They are more likely to discuss and analyze emotions than express them. They understand each other very well, and are happy to keep things informal. Both partners are interested in humanitarian causes and are interested in improving the future.

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Aquarius Moon Compatibility with Cancer Moon

Aquarius Moon with Cancer Moon

Aquarius Moon and Cancer Moon have a lot of differences to overcome. This relationship can easily become unbalanced unless a lot of care is taken. They both come at life from different directions, and understand things very differently.

Aquarius Moon and Cancer Moon both have a lot of concern for others, but Cancer approaches this from a personal level while Aquarius is more concerned with mankind as a whole. Cancer Moon wants a home and family. They want to be safe and secure. Aquarius Moon wants change, new ideas and won't hesitate to put social issues ahead of family. Cancer wants commitment, Aquarius wants freedom. Cancer relies on instinct and emotions while Aquarius is not in touch with personal feelings, they are far more objective.

Aquarius Moon's ability to put family last will hurt Cancer more often than not. They don't hold the same ideals, and Aquarius will suddenly make a radical change without consulting Cancer, throwing them into chaos. Cancer feels very insecure in these situations and when Aquarius asserts their need for independence. If Aquarius can learn to be sensitive to Cancer's attachments and feelings, they may learn to move a bit more slowly. Cancer can help Aquarius become more involved with their own feelings, while Aquarius can help Cancer gain perspective and clarity. They can be quite complementary if they can work out their differences.

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Aquarius Moon Compatibility with Leo Moon

Aquarius Moon with Leo Moon

Aquarius Moon and Leo Moon can have an incredible relationship, or they could fight over just about everything. If they make sure that they are both on the same page, they should be a good match. Once they make the effort to understand the other's point of view, they should be able to work together.

Leo Moon likes groups as long as the group is focused on them. Aquarius Moon needs a group, yet wants to stand out. Leo loves to be the adored head of a traditional family while Aquarius wants change, new things and wants to dedicate their lives to helping mankind. Leo lives in the present and wants to spend their time enjoying it. Aquarius lives for the future. Leo will probably be annoyed by Aquarius' ability to place family after their causes.

If they can learn from each other, Aquarius will be able to learn to appreciate closeness and intimacy while Leo can learn the value of free will. Their individual choices will challenge the other. It may be difficult for them to find a domestic routine. Leo Moon can get their feelings hurt when Aquarius treats them just like everyone else instead of the special being Leo knows they are. Aquarius can resent the authority that Leo exudes. This relationship will need a lot of work from both partners to find a happy balance.

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Aquarius Moon Compatibility with Virgo Moon

Aquarius Moon with Virgo Moon

Aquarius Moon and Virgo Moon may try too hard to please each other, creating an imbalance in the relationship. They have different ways of looking at the world, which may present them with a few challenges.

One of the biggest challenges they will face is the fact that Virgo Moon is practical, while Aquarius Moon thinks mostly of humanity as a whole instead of their close relationships. While Aquarius' visionary ideals may take them far afield, Virgo tends to hold down the fort.

While Virgo Moon wants a traditional home and family, Aquarius will find it easy to push them to second place. They appreciate Virgo's loyalty, but they are called to bigger things. Virgo is most happy when following a tried and true method for success, while Aquarius is more likely to try new things and experiment. Both partners can easily lose themselves in their interest of the moment.

They may both become out of touch with their own feelings and emotions. Virgo Moon may turn their criticism on themselves, blaming themselves for Aquarius' willingness to push their family life aside. On the good side, both partners can learn to expand their horizons a bit if they can understand each others perspectives a bit more.

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Aquarius Moon Compatibility with Libra Moon

Aquarius Moon with Libra Moon

Aquarius Moon and Libra Moon will get along terrifically. They share a lot of things in common and are able to understand each other easily. They can converse together endlessly and respect each other's ideas. They make great friends as well as lovers.

Both Aquarius Moon and Libra Moon love to socialize. They like to be a part of a group and like intellectual pursuits. While Libra is into appropriate behavior and diplomacy, Aquarius likes to stir the pot a bit and make a unique impression. Both may be a bit detached emotionally. Libra is a romantic; while Aquarius must have personal freedom to be happy. Each partner learns to appreciate the other's point of view. Both must be flexible and understanding.

Libra Moon may appear a little clingy to Aquarius Moon because they truly need a partner to feel complete. Aquarius Moon may appear uncaring as they put everyone else before their family. In all other areas they share so many things that these two small annoyances can easily be forgiven and overlooked by both partners. This pairing will ultimately make a very satisfying home for both members. Their open communication helps them to succeed and overcome obstacles.

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Aquarius Moon Compatibility with Scorpio Moon

Aquarius Moon with Scorpio Moon

Aquaris Moon and Scorpio Moon will tend to grate on each other unless they fill their relationship with compromises. Both partners are fixed in their ways and are very different emotionally. Neither one is known for changing themselves in order to make accommodations for their partner.

This is a relationship that probably won't last long. Scorpio Moon is private and desires emotional intimacy. They can get very possessive and suspicious; on the flip side, Aquarius Moon is very social. They need to be involved with groups of people and focus on the future. They want someone who is intellectual like themselves with whom they can have enlightening conversations. They want freedom and don't want anyone controlling them; whereby Scorpio desires to control their partner, and may use manipulation to get what they want.

What is wrong with this picture? It is not a picture of a healthy relationship. Aquarius' need for intellectual stimulation may take them to groups who share a common interest. This may make Scorpio Moon jealous and in their need to control their partner, Scorpio may do anything to manipulate the situation so Aquarius Moons must be with them.

Even with a lot of work on the part of both partners, they may never see eye to eye. This relationship is often better off if both parties cut their losses and find other partners.

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Aquarius Moon Compatibility with Sagittarius Moon

Aquarius Moon with Sagittarius Moon

Aquarius Moon and Sagittarius Moon are highly compatible. They have a solid relationship built on friendship and loyalty. They share common interests in family and adventure. In their case, their differences serve to keep them interested in each other.

Both Aquarius Moon and Sagittarius Moon share an interest in new experiences, adventure and independence. They both adapt easily as needed. They both love to socialize and join groups. They work well together and bring out the best in each other. These two will not care who leaves their socks on the floor or who didn't empty the dishwasher. Their emotional lives are in harmony with each other. While neither one is especially domestic, they manage to get by. They both love contemporary solutions and modern conveniences.

Idealism will rule the household. Some may think the relationship isn't based very deep, and they may be right. Aquarius Moon and Sagittarius Moon live on the surface. They may not appear as warm or intimate as others may be. Neither partner really likes to stay home, so this pair may spend their time traveling or moving from place to place. They don't feel the need to set down deep roots.

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Aquarius Moon Compatibility with Capricorn Moon

Aquarius Moon with Capricorn Moon

Aquarius Moon and Capricorn Moon have a good chance of having a successful relationship. This chance increases if one partner is willing to be more tolerant of the other. They often have different dreams and desires, but if they are both willing to make it work, it can be done.

Capricorn Moon is serious and may be rather cynical. They don't show their emotions and would rather not show any vulnerability either. Aquarius Moon is exuberant, optimistic and sociable. They intellectualize their feelings and are often unaware of their own emotional needs, let alone those of their partner.

They both want to succeed, though they have different goals. Capricorn wants to attain advancement and security, while Aquarius wants to change the world. Capricorn enjoys a traditional relationship and takes their responsibilities seriously. Aquarius resists the traditional and wants to try new things. Both partners are likely to feel inhibited when together. Capricorn feels a need to set boundaries while Aquarius can't help but try to break through them. They will have to work hard to overcome these differences.

Both partners may have difficulties when it comes to letting their emotions out. This can lead to a lot of resentment or hurt feelings because the other just doesn't understand what is wrong. When they do make this relationship work, it can be pretty good, however. If they feel inclined to work at it, they can complement each other nicely.

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Aquarius Moon Compatibility with Aquarius Moon

Aquarius Moon with Aquarius Moon

Aquarius Moon doubled will be able to have a great understanding of each other. Similar feelings will be magnified in this relationshipÂ… both good and bad. This can make things either really good, or really bad, depending on the situation.

Both partners resist being stuck with traditional roles and traditional ideas. The relationship may be a bit unconventional. Neither partner feels domestic, so the home may suffer. Both of them overlook any uncomfortable emotions, letting them pile up inside until they can no longer contain them with denial. They both love change and like to be a part of social reforms. They will both tend to put their social concerns ahead of their family.

Aquarius Moon is very idealistic, and thinks that everyone should behave in a certain way. This may make it harder to deal with their own inner struggles. They want to be generous, fair and noble. They both appear rather detached emotionally. This relationship may work better as friends, since a warm romantic feeling may be missing. As friends, they could make the relationship into a lifelong connection, since there are fewer expectations from both partners than there is in a romantic relationship.

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Aquarius Moon Compatibility with Pisces Moon

Aquarius Moon with Pisces Moon

Aquarius Moon and Pisces Moon have a good chance of making a go of a relationship. If one of them is willing to be more tolerant, their chances get even better. Both partners need to work on the relationship to get the most out of it.

Outgoing Aquarius Moon loves to join groups and feel a part of social change. Introverted Pisces is gentle, moody and reclusive. Both partners want to help humanity, but in different ways. Aquarius Moon will want to create sweeping social change, while Pisces Moon will want to help out one person at a time. Aquarius may not be able to get in touch with Pisces' feelings; Pisces is emotionally open to every little nuance around them and is affected by it.

Pisces may find Aquarius too detached to suit them. Aquarius will most likely find Pisces excessively emotional. Their vastly different ways of approaching the world may be too much for them to overcome. If they both work on the relationship, they could make good strides. Aquarius can learn some empathy from Pisces, and Pisces can learn to gain some distance and clarity from Aquarius. They can learn to work together on their common interests and branch out from there.

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