Love Sign: Cancer Venus

Venus Cancer

Cancer Venus wants a committed, predictable relationship. They are sensitive and crave security, comfort and love. They show their love for their partner by taking care of them. They are more attentive to their partner's feelings than their words. They may be a bit moody, and may resort to pouting or the silent treatment to get attention. They don't like a lot of rationalization and they don't like impersonal treatment. Emotional confrontations don't scare them at all, yet they are frequently afraid they will be left. Cancer Venus has a long memory, and it is difficult for them to forget an injury. Sometimes they will retreat into themselves, and it can be difficult to get them to come back out into the open.

A Venus in Cancer person loves to snuggle and they appreciate sentimental gestures. They are closely attached to their home and family. Rejection is one of their biggest fears, and they can try some very frustrating ploys to find out if you love them or not. They need to feel secure and cared for. When these needs are met, they are patient, loving and dependable. They insist on sincerity from their partner, and will amaze you with how well they can remember every word you say or every thing you do.

The Venus in Cancer person is very intuitive, and they find it easy to read your character and feelings. They will care for you accordingly. This can be comforting or intimidating, depending on how their partner reacts to this ability. While they are not always aware of their own charm, they can be very attractive to the opposite sex. Cancer Venus is attracted to those who need them, and they may end up making sure their loved ones continue to need them.

Cancer Venus is very sensitive and they react emotionally to any circumstance. They can be hurt easily, even though they tend to hide this vulnerability behind their dignity. They are good listeners. They tend to be cautious in love because they are trying to protect themselves.

As a friend, Cancer Venus is adept at creating a second family out of their friends. They enjoy creating new traditions, and are usually very thoughtful about birthdays and holiday celebrations. They are loyal and like to keep in touch, no matter what the distance. They are good at nurturing their friends, although if they get hurt emotionally, they can find it difficult to trust again. They are very impressionable, and may end up picking up on the mood of the person they are spending time with.

Cancer Venus is creative, and can express this through the arts, through healing or through relationships. They like to use their creativity in nurturing others.

Cancer Venus looks like someone with a big heart. This is very attractive to others. They also appear wise and are surrounded by a warmth that wraps around those surrounding them. Once they trust someone, they are very affectionate.

If you are attracted to a person with Venus in Cancer, you want to take your time. Don't be too direct with them. They may appear aloof, but they are actually observing everything you do. They appreciate the effort someone takes in preparing a meal or doing something thoughtful. They do not like being around those who are fighting inner demons or who have other issues.

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