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Aquarius Midheaven loves learning. They have a fear of appearing stupid in front of others, so they will study anything and everything to prove to themselves that they know what they think they know. All of this studying helps them come up with creative choices when the chips are down. On the other hand, they may come across as arrogant or spend too much time on trivial things. Information that is incompatible to what they know may be overlooked or even denied.

The Aquarius Midheaven is skilled at assessing new ideas and putting them into action. Contingency plans are their specialty. They know that something unexpected is always likely to turn up. When everything is going their way, they know exactly when to wait and when to leap.

People with an Midheaven in Aquarius work with others on the basis of cooperation. They are excellent team players. They prefer to give their colleagues space so they can do their best instead of watching over their shoulder. They are flexible and accommodating, though they are watchful about being manipulated. They can out think these situations and turn everything to the positive. They are creative and constructive as the direct the energies of those around them. They have confidence in their intuition and don't let frustration or worry weigh them down. They are very inventive.

Individuals with an Midheaven in Aquarius must have freedom in their job. They really prefer a position that only they can perform. They need a job that lets them persistently succeed. They are a good candidate for self-employment if they learn to focus and prioritize. Humanitarian causes are a favorite. They are reluctant to taking risks in their career, though to be successful, they need to learn to take chances when it is in their best interest. It is not unheard of for someone with an Aquarius Midheaven to switch gears in midstream and do something different. They may find work in medicine, social organizations, fund raising, research, finance, astronomy, fashion, engineering, design, art, music, computers and communication, but don't rule out something completely unusual or unorthodox. In fact, people with an Aquarius Midheaven are well known for bucking tradition when necessary. They keep up with current trends and find ways to make things better for humanity.

An interesting thing about people with an Aquarius Midheaven is that they may have two sets of contradictory views simultaneously; they could be very conservative and still have views that have very little to do with the real world. They can be challenging and conforming at the same time.

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