Uranus in Cancer
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Uranus in Cancer

Uranus in Cancer can be talented as a psychic, or at least sensitive to different energies. They have unique ways to express themselves, especially about civic affairs. They are very patriotic and may belong to several organizations and political campaigns. They like to tend to domestic duties around the home and family. They may end up breaking new ground socially without realizing it, ending up freeing other generations from social traditions that may have been limiting.

They may have problems with indigestion, and if it is not seen to, could result in real problems. They often do not get along with their family, due to their irritability and impatience. They really want to enjoy their family, but they can't help it. They may encounter challenges with legal issues regarding their home or land resulting in financial problems and medical issues.

Uranus in Cancer is a bit high strung and they are greatly affected by many events that others simply shrug off. This sensitivity is what causes them to react with impatience and irritability. They are restless and may be seen as eccentric. They need to get away sometimes on their own to recharge and refresh themselves for their own sanity. Their emotional life can be upsetting to them, and may end up traumatic or transforming, depending on how they react to the situation. Childhood insecurities may lead to issues in later life.

Uranus in Cancer may have a problem with hysterics because they are so emotional. It may be difficult for them to commit to a relationship sometimes. They would rather run off than face the challenge. If they do commit, it is not unheard of for them to divorce later. They may move away from family when they start their own life to be rid of the complications family creates. They may be challenged to deal with the subconscious and their feelings whether they want to or not.

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