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Pisces Moon Compatibility with Aries Moon

Pisces Moon with Aries Moon

Pisces Moon and Aries Moon may get along or they may not. If they are to stand a chance, one will have to make concessions to the other on a regular basis. They may find themselves conflicted over what they each want out of life.

Aries Moon likes to take action and be in charge, while Pisces Moon is gentle and passive. They prefer to just see where the current takes them. Aries is direct, enthusiastic and ready to face challenges while Pisces is vague and prefers not to face conflict of any kind. Aries feels a hurt, expresses themselves and moves on, while Pisces is so sensitive it is hard for them to let go of any hurt, however slight. Pisces may be clingy and needy while Aries is self-reliant. While they both follow their instincts, they react so differently that they may then spend quite a while trying to figure out where the misunderstanding occurred. They don't mean to offend the other, but they frequently do. They can't help it. They each just see things in such different ways.

It can be very difficult for Aries Moon not to dominate Pisces Moon. Their passivity and unfocused sense of personal direction makes it so easy for Aries to just ride right over them. If they make this pairing work, it is usually Pisces who compromises and ends up feeling unloved and unsupported… two things they need desperately. This is a very difficult relationship to make last without irreparable damage.

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Pisces Moon Compatibility with Taurus Moon

Pisces Moon with Taurus Moon

Pisces Moon and Taurus Moon can be very happy. They can develop a strong bond of friendship and loyalty that will see them through any rough times. Both partners are loving, sympathetic and generous. They like a tranquil home, love nature and music. Plants and animals are dear to both partners in this relationship.

Taurus Moon is well grounded and practical; Pisces Moon is anything but grounded and is often impractical. These two partners have the ability to harmonize and complement each other as long as Taurus is in charge of practical matters. Taurus proves to be a good support for Pisces, who gives Taurus a bit of fantasy in their life.

Taurus can nurture sensitive Pisces when needed. Pisces can be empathetic when Taurus needs it. They each bring some balance to the relationship. Together they can create a magical, peaceful home. Neither partner likes conflict; both are rather passive unless aroused. This pairing can fare very well for the long term as long as Taurus Moon takes care of the practical aspects.

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Pisces Moon Compatibility with Gemini Moon

Pisces Moon with Gemini Moon

Pisces Moon and Gemini Moon will have many challenges that will require some compromises. This pairing could work, but they really have very little in common. Both are impressionable in different ways; Gemini is sensitive to thoughts and Pisces is sensitive to feelings. Intellect meets intuition.

Gemini Moon is rational, restless, logical and objective while Pisces is receptive, sympathetic, artistic, passive and idealistic. Somewhere in the middle they meet with imagination and irresponsibility. Their differences are many. Gemini treats emotions very lightly and Pisces feels them deeply. Gemini grows through taking in more information while Pisces grows by letting go and trusting in a power greater than themselves. Gemini is focused on the future while Pisces dwells in the past. Gemini Moon is challenged by Pisces' erratic moods. Pisces Moon is threatened by Gemini's attempt to experience feelings as if they were just thoughts.

Dreamy Pisces Moon may be offended when witty Gemini Moon makes a joke in an attempt to deal with all the emotion flying around. If Gemini Moon can learn to take Pisces' feelings into account and understand their sensitivity… and if Pisces Moon can learn to appreciate Gemini's ability to be objective and rational, they can find a middle ground upon which to thrive together.

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Pisces Moon Compatibility with Cancer Moon

Pisces Moon with Cancer Moon

As a couple, Pisces Moon and Cancer Moon rate a perfect ten. They have very similar motivations and desires. They are extremely happy together and will have a long relationship. They have a great deal in common.

Both partners are very receptive and can intuit the moods of those around them. They have an innate knowing of each other's inner needs. Both partners are nurturing and sympathetic, ready to run to their partner at a moment's notice to help them out. They will create a peaceful home that will allow them to replenish their souls and deepen their emotional bond.

Cancer Moon looks out for the material needs while Pisces Moon looks out for their spiritual needs. They understand each other extremely well. They share many similarities. They may be able to communicate with each other without speaking, knowing intuitively what the other replies. They both need to take care not to absorb the troubles and emotions of those around them. Their empathy can end up hurting them. This will be a very thoughtful, tender relationship of quiet fulfillment.

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Pisces Moon Compatibility with Leo Moon

Pisces Moon with Leo Moon

Pisces Moon and Leo Moon need to take care. One may feel they are always bending over backwards to make the other one happy. This may end up being a very unbalanced relationship. Even though there is a strong attraction, it may be very difficult to deal with the everyday routine of a long term relationship.

Pisces Moon and Leo Moon do share some goals. They both find home and family very important. They just look at the world in very different ways. Leo Moon will run the show with their natural authority. This also fulfills their need to be the center of attention. Pisces Moon tends to be gentle and very receptive of other people's feelings. They will tend to overlook their own needs and desires to keep Leo happy. Leo Moon is warm, loud, boisterous and melodramatic. Pisces tends to feel victimized and full of melancholy. They may soak up some of Leo's confidence, however, which can be a good thing. They may both misunderstand the other because they tend to see things their way or how they want them to be. Leo is a bit narcissistic at times. In order to get what they want they may be loud or exaggerate.

In order for this relationship to truly be balanced, Pisces needs to step up and pursue their own dreams. Leo needs to understand that Pisces is not a doormat that should acquiesce to their every whim. Pisces tends to reflect the feelings around them, so this can be good when Leo is in a great mood. It can be very bad when Leo is feeling down, as Pisces is normally on the down side anyway.

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Pisces Moon Compatibility with Virgo Moon

Pisces Moon with Virgo Moon

Pisces Moon and Virgo Moon can be a very good relationship or a very bad one. Technically these two signs are just barely compatible. If both partners are watching for intolerance or misunderstanding, they may be able to make their relationship work.

Virgo Moon is the perfect person to deal with the physical world and all its details. Pisces Moon, on the other hand, is disorganized, undisciplined and tends to have their head in the clouds. Some of these attributes may drive Virgo crazy, but they can also learn from Pisces' tolerant attitude. Likewise, Pisces could learn a thing or two about personal responsibility and boundaries from Virgo. Pisces Moon may get their feelings hurt by Virgo's critical nature. Both partners tend to be moody and pessimistic. They may both be a bit passive. If they learn to work together, they can be quite complementary to each other.

Once Pisces Moon and Virgo Moon learn to work together, their lives can run rather smoothly. Their shared introspection can help them to overcome adversity and they can divide the daily tasks according to their temperaments. They should have a lovely, nurturing home life once they iron out the kinks.

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Pisces Moon Compatibility with Libra Moon

Pisces Moon with Libra Moon

Pisces Moon and Libra Moon share a lot of romance and desire, but they really don't have a lot more in common. If they are willing to work at their relationship, they may find that they each have just enough to fulfill the other. The relationship could also end up being so sweet that neither partner can stomach it.

Libra Moon is social, diplomatic, and likes everything to be in order. Pisces Moon is sensitive, intuitive and disorganized. Both like a peaceful environment without conflict. To make the most of this relationship, Libra must go into it with willing to see everything that goes on. Pisces must be very honest. If they don't do this, Libra will diplomatically dismiss things that Pisces does, and Pisces will subtly manipulate with their emotional scenes.

If they can bring a sense of moderation to the relationship, they may make it work. Pisces Moon has a tendency towards excess in all things, so this may be difficult. Pisces seems to prefer relationships where one partner gives to the other, while Libra wants it equal and balanced, with both partners in a give and take as needed.

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Pisces Moon Compatibility and Scorpio Moon

Pisces Moon with Scorpio Moon

Pisces Moon and Scorpio Moon are made for each other. They understand each other well and respect their differences. They work together well and will likely have an emotional, long lasting relationship.

Both Pisces Moon and Scorpio Moon are capable of moody behavior. They are intuitive and emotional. They can, in some cases, develop a psychic bond. Their shared sensitivity helps them meet the other's needs. Scorpio needs intense emotions. They may find this in love, anger, fear, loyalty, sex, revenge or obsession. Pisces wants harmony and to avoid conflict, whereas Scorpio loves conflict. This may cause upset if not openly discussed.

Both are great manipulators and their secrets and emotional intimacy will bind these two together deeply. Pisces Moon is very forgiving and tolerant, while Scorpio Moon longs to retaliate. It isn't too difficult for these two to work through their differences though. They share the most important part for both of them: the emotional intimacy.

They may share an interest in the occult or other secrets. This also gives them a sense of belonging to each other.

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Pisces Moon Compatibility with Sagittarius Moon

Pisces Moon with Sagittarius Moon

Pisces Moon and Sagittarius Moon will need to make some compromises to work out their relationship. They are not very well matched. Sagittarius' enthusiasm can be overwhelming for Pisces.

These two do have several things in common. They both tend to make promises they have no way of keeping, they are both generous and have no idea of what boundaries are in relationships, and they both may develop keen intuition. Sagittarius Moon is a bit blunt and overbearing for the sensitive Pisces. Sagittarius doesn't even realize that their bluntness can hurt the feelings of others. Pisces Moon is shy and would rather stay at home than go out to a loud party.

They do tend to attract each other, however. The optimism that is natural to Sagittarius powers up Pisces imagination. It is hard for them to make anything long lasting from this relationship, though, due to their incompatibilities. Both partners tend to be on the dreamy side, and may have a hard time getting anything accomplished. Tender Pisces isn't cut out for the brash, adventurous world of Sagittarius. Sagittarius can be very insensitive, especially when they are caught up in their enthusiastic plans for their next adventure. To make this relationship work, both partners would have to be willing to make definite changes and be willing to stick to them.

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Pisces Moon Compatibility with Capricorn Moon

Pisces Moon with Capricorn Moon

Pisces Moon and Capricorn Moon are about as different as they come. They can be loyal friends, but they approach the world in such different ways that it is hard for them to come together as a couple. While Capricorn is detached emotionally, Pisces is raw emotion, open to any influences that may be nearby.

Capricorn is responsible and hard working. They are focused and loyal. Pisces is irresponsible, dreamy and unorganized. They are passive and moody. Pisces Moon has an idealistic approach to relationships, while Capricorn Moon wants a firm commitment. Pisces can be clingy, which Capricorn may find extremely annoying.

In rare instances, these two can be compatible if they can work out their differences. In these cases, they are able to be complementary to each other. Capricorn can take care of the outside world, while Pisces learns some responsibility and takes care of the home front. Capricorn can teach Pisces how to make the most of their creativity, while Pisces can teach Capricorn how to release their emotions. When this pairing works, it goes to show that with enough love and determination, any couple has the potential to work.

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Pisces Moon Compatibility with Aquarius Moon

Pisces Moon with Aquarius Moon

Pisces Moon and Aquarius Moon have a good chance of making a go of a relationship. If one of them is willing to be more tolerant, their chances get even better. Both partners need to work on the relationship to get the most out of it.

Outgoing Aquarius Moon loves to join groups and feel a part of social change. Introverted Pisces is gentle, moody and reclusive. Both partners want to help humanity, but in different ways. Aquarius Moon will want to create sweeping social change, while Pisces Moon will want to help out one person at a time. Aquarius may not be able to get in touch with Pisces' feelings; Pisces is emotionally open to every little nuance around them and is affected by it.

Pisces may find Aquarius too detached to suit them. Aquarius will most likely find Pisces excessively emotional. Their vastly different ways of approaching the world may be too much for them to overcome. If they both work on the relationship, they could make good strides. Aquarius can learn some empathy from Pisces, and Pisces can learn to gain some distance and clarity from Aquarius. They can learn to work together on their common interests and branch out from there.

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Pisces Moon Compatibility with Pisces Moon

Pisces Moon with Pisces Moon

Pisces Moon paired with another Pisces Moon will share many of the same interests and understandings, but this does not serve to make them overly compatible. Pisces is very dreamy and moody… double that and you see what happens. When both are moody at the same time, it is magnified and they may find it difficult to move on.

While they may make the best of chums with a close, sympathetic relationship, a double Pisces Moon couple may end up being too emotional to accomplish much of anything. When it is good, they are very perceptive and can gain a powerful psychic ability. They can be artistic and imaginative, but because of their disorganization and lack of discipline, they may not be able to utilize these skills and talents. They may both end up losing themselves in drugs or other methods of escapism if they are not careful. They can also be taken advantage of easily because of their giving natures. Their compassion can be both a blessing and a curse because of that. Pisces cannot help themselves when they see someone who needs their help. They are not good at setting boundaries, and with both partners in the same boat, they may end up completely run down and drained.

If a double Pisces Moon couple takes the time to work things out and build up their skills in organization and discipline, they may be able to make it work. They will be able to capitalize on their good qualities and overcome their negative ones.

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