Chinese Dragon and Ox Compatibility

Dragon with Ox compatibility

Chinese Dragon and Ox make for a hot-tempered pair. They may fight a lot, but they are both passionate, which is precisely what Dragon craves. They respect each other, even when they are fighting bitterly. The conservative Ox will usually clash ideals with the idealist Dragon. This may add up to a frustrating relationship at times.

It helps if they each take a break from each other occasionally so they can gain perspective. If they keep in mind that their goals are similar, this helps immensely. In business, they can make a powerful team. Dragon is lucky with money and Ox will appreciate that. Ox will also work hard while Dragon accumulates power.

When this pairing consists of a Dragon man and an Ox woman, they will need to work to stay together. While they are both attracted to each other, they need to keep their goals in mind. He likes to be admired and pampered while she is too dignified to do so. He is an outrageous flirt, which can be a serious flaw in her eyes.

When this pairing consists of an Ox man and a Dragon woman, the primary issue to face is who is in charge. Both of them want to rule the roost. He is conservative while she is flamboyant. If they each develop a tolerance for each others' faults and use some common sense, they can make it work out well in the end.

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