Chinese Ox and Snake Compatibility

Ox with Snake Compatibility

Chinese Ox and Snake are extremely compatible. They share many of the same interests and love building a stable home. The Snake is a bit jealousy prone, but this can be sorted out with patience. The Snake is perfect to draw out the interests of the Ox. In turn, the Ox will make the Snake feel important and well-loved. From the outside, this pairing may look a bit dull, but inside, there are plenty of passionate sparks keeping the relationship lively and interesting.

Snake can get the shy Ox out in the open, while Ox appreciates Snake's intuition and philosophical thinking. In business, these two are very powerful. The Ox's practicality complements the Snake's intuition. The Snake naturally deals with the public while the Ox is happy to work behind the scenes.

When this pairing consists of a Snake man and an Ox woman, it may take a bit of compromise. She wants a stable life that is well planned out in advance. He is more impulsive and wants to do something on a moment's notice.

When this pairing consists of an Ox man and a Snake woman, he may tend towards jealousy. She may be a bit of a flirt, which always drives him mad. If they can reach a good compromise, they can make it work. In the bedroom they are likely to be pretty well matched.

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