Chinese Dragon and Sheep Compatibility

Dragon with Sheep/Goat Compatibility

Chinese Dragon and Sheep are very different. Dragon loves the nightlife and Sheep wants to stay home. If they can compromise, they may make a life together. They are both sensitive to each others' needs and will enjoy making their home beautiful. Dragon will make Sheep feel important and loved. Sheep will enjoy this tremendously. They will make Dragon feel cherished and appreciated by all the small details they attend to. Sheep needs to allow Dragon to be protective.

In business, these two will make an excellent team. Dragon's intelligence and leadership will promote the business well while Sheep will run the business in the background, coming up with innovative new ideas.

When this pairing consists of a Sheep man and a Dragon woman, she will want to protect this charming man at all costs. She will soon learn that while he seems weak, he is anything but. They may end up fighting a bit, but the mysterious chemistry of love will overcome in the end.

When this pairing consists of a Dragon man and a Sheep woman, he will be the epitome of masculinity and she is the perfect picture of femininity. They complement each other perfectly. He can be chivalrous and protective while she will fulfill all his dreams as a wife. They will be happy together, attending to each other's needs without any problems.

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