Chinese Rooster and Rooster Compatibility

Rooster with Rooster Compatibility

Chinese Rooster and Rooster really shouldn't try to have a long lasting relationship. They are both perfectionists, and rather than compliment each other, they will pick at each others' negative qualities. They are both stubborn in how they want things done. Of course, they don't agree on how things should be done. This will result in power struggles about everything. When they are both in a negative mood, they will begin nagging. The only way their relationship stands a chance if they both learn how to relax. They need to be able to enjoy being with each other instead of worrying if everything is perfect.

In business, these two will have better success. They are practical and intelligent. Details are taken care of. Their business will have great financial success with these two running it.

Roosters can easily fall into an infatuation. While they have so much in common, this means the negative as well as the positive. Fighting may turn into a way to relieve tension or exercise power over the other.

Their relationship may easily be full of ups and downs, fights and reconciliations, laughter and tears; it is a constant roller coaster. If they can make it long enough to settle down, it may work. They need to supply each other with reassurance and emotional security. Over time they can learn to control their negative reactions but they need to really work at it.

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