Understanding The Birth Chart

Your Birth Chart (also referred to as a Natal chart or Horoscope) is a diagram that shows the position of the planets in the sky at the precise time you were born. Normally you will see a birth chart drawn as a circle. The circle represents you. Now imagine a horizontal line bisecting the circle; this represents the horizon line. Those planets that were visible at the time of your birth are recorded above that line, while those that were not visible are recorded below it.

The circle is then divided into twelve parts. These parts represent the twelve signs of the zodiac, and are called houses. The first house is situated just below the horizon line on the left side of your chart. The signs of the zodiac will be assigned to the dividing lines between each house. The lines are also known as cusps.

The sign on the left horizon of your birth chart is the ascendant, or rising sign; this sign changes every two hours or so. This makes knowing your correct time of birth very important, as the rising sign affects how you present yourself to the world. If you want to learn more about your Rising Sign read: Rising Signs - The Ascendant in Astrology

Once the signs are positioned, the Sun, Moon and Planetsare placed in their appropriate areas to represent where they were at the time of your birth. Some charts also include large asteroids, minor planetary bodies and fixed stars. The colored lines through the center are the aspects, and they will affect how a planet is expressed. They tell you how the planets relate to each other in your chart.

The birth chart doesn't really solve any problems for you, but it may give you some insight into why you behave the way you do. It can also give you a clue as to what lessons you are meant to face in life. It can also point out some talents you may not be aware of or new areas of potential in your life.

The Birth Chart Calculator can be an excellent tool to turn to when you want to understand yourself better. Each moment in time is blessed with strengths and weaknesses and the moment of your birth is no different. By understanding your chart you can make the most of your talents and abilities, as well as overcome your weaknesses so you may grow to your full potential.

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