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Those born under the Aries Sun Sign tend to be enthusiastic and energetic. They may be a bit impulsive, but they generally are very open to new ideas. Challenges give them the opportunity to shine.

A natural born leader, the Arian will find it difficult to be a follower. They find it too easy to step up and take charge.

People under the influence of this Sign may appear aggressive and restless due to their great energy. They can also be a bit headstrong and incredibly argumentative. Easily offended, they can also hold a grudge for quite a while. At the same time, they thrive on action and are not afraid to be forceful if needed. Some will utilize their energy positively by participating in sports or other athletic endeavors.

Aries Sun Sign can be very intellectual and objective, but in some situations they may appear to be extreme, such as in politics or religion. Their impulsiveness can lead to difficulties because they don't tend to look before they leap, but their optimism sees them through. This same impulsiveness, however, can also lead to clumsiness and accidents. Quick movements and not paying attention to where they are going can cause them some bumps, bruises and embarrassments. Since they are often involved in sports or extreme athletics, they need to learn to be aware of their movements.

Aries symbol

Aries Sun Sign has an affinity for mechanical things. Many born with this Sun Sign find themselves working on motors or drawn to hobbies or professions that involve cars or planes. Because they are drawn to activities that require courage, they may get involved in racing cars, the military or rescue work.

The Aries Sun Sign loves to socialize. They like the excitement and fun of getting out with friends and having a good time. They enjoy people who challenge them intellectually or offer something in the way of competition. Staying home bores and irritates them. They are born extroverts and may talk your ear off if given half a chance. Their personality is not subtle. They may be quick to rise to temper, but they also forgive easily in most cases. They tend to be honest to a fault, and may suffer a lack of tact because of it.

The Aries Sun Sign personality can be a bit self-absorbed, but can also be very generous. Many will jump to someone’s aid quickly without a thought for themselves. That’s why they often take to professions like paramedics, firefighters and peacekeepers. Many Arians are also interested in politics and may take part themselves. Others prefer to just keep arguing their point of view. This personality type rarely avoids confrontation, and would prefer to tackle problems head-on.

Sun Sign Aries will give themselves over completely to whatever it is they choose to do, although at times they may be obstinate to a fault, not always knowing when to quit or go to the other extreme and never finishing what they start.

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