Chinese Tiger and Dragon Compatibility

Tiger with Dragon Compatibility

Chinese Tiger and Dragon can have long lasting passion. They are affectionate and deeply care about each other. They will go to great lengths to make sure the other feels appreciated and desired. Their main problem is that both partners want to be in charge. They may fight about this a lot. They are well matched in this area, both in passion and emotion.

To make this union work, Tiger needs to be emotionally available to Dragon and Dragon needs to allow Tiger some space. They both need to learn to let go of their competitive natures when it comes to their relationship. Their magnetic personalities attract each other like moths to a flame. They are highly compatible in the bedroom. Dragon must figure out how to possess Tiger, who is courageous and independent. Tiger's emotional depth is understanding and compassionate. This makes for a dynamic and ever interesting relationship.

In business, this pairing may have some real power struggles. Each thinks their way is best and there is no room for compromise.

When this pairing consists of Dragon man and Tiger woman, the initial attraction takes place instantaneously. These two are rather hotheaded, so they tend to find any friction or tension that may arise. Each of them loves sparring with a good opponent... and with this couple they have the perfect sparring partner at home.

When this pairing consists of Tiger man and Dragon woman, they can find a perfect harmony.

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