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Pisces Midheaven is very susceptible to outside influences. They will usually wait and see what happens. Some people think they are unstable just because they follow their own time table. Since they are very sensitive to psychic energies, it can disrupt their activities. These energies may come to them through channeling, intuition or feelings. If all goes well, this psychic ability will give the individual with a Pisces Midheaven compassion, inspiration and a spiritual perception. But this doesn't mean they have an easy time deciding what they want to be when they grow up. They know what they want to achieve, but they lack practicality. They are idealistic. When they do make a decision, it will probably be made based on emotions.

The person with a Pisces Midheaven understands that everything happens on a continuum, so they rarely get caught up in taking extreme sides. Philosophy appeals to them in a practical way. It is important for them to experience both the negative and the positive energies. Instead of balance, Pisces needs to learn about polarity.

Individuals with a Midheaven in Pisces understand their own needs. They need alone time to center themselves and get ready to face their next challenge. Pisces is good at sizing up a situation quickly. If they turn themselves off so they don't feel, they may become too indifferent to help others. Avoiding fear and pain doesn't help them.

One thing they must do is realize that change happens. Nothing lasts forever. While they receive more thoughts, feelings and things, they must also learn to let some go. They must keep the flow in motion. Their creativity truly comes into play when they are serving others with compassion. Ideally, they must get to the root of understanding. Illusion and reality must be explored. While they are still exploring their options, they may find themselves drained financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Once they hit rock bottom, their path may become suddenly clear to them. It isn't so much making something happen that makes them succeed, but that they allow their inner person to come forth.

Possible careers for a person with a Midheaven in Pisces are music, theater, film, healing arts, or literature. They may be faced with a scandal, either their own or someone associated closely with them. They could come off with a public persona as mysterious or glamorous. They may find failure to gain recognition for their work. Just as sensitivity can be a strength, so it can be a weakness.

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